Sasural Simar Ka 2:Would Simar accept the challenge of Ishita?

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima and finally decide to accept Ishita as Oswal member. But just after the taking the entry, she starts to poke Simar. Ishita is now on the way of mission ideal bahu.

In today’s episode, Ishita is insisted to join the baby shower function of Aditi. Chitra gives a portrait of Badima in her baby shower. Chitra suggests Ishita to make up Aditi according to Badima’s look. When function starts Gagan wouldn’t find Aditi anywhere.

When everyone is on edge of tension, then from upstair Ishita discovers the look of Aditi. Everyone is surprised to see Aditi’s gorgeous dress up and Chitra would appreciate Ishita for her initiative. Meanwhile, Reema is offered to act in a lead role of a short drama by Vivaan, but she is furious to know its publicity and market value.

In the next episode, the female members of the Oswal family would request to the male members to leave the function hall as that function would be specifically for women. They would be reluctant to leave the room but would be compelled not to participate the function.

Baby shower would be happened to carefully and cheerfully, remember would bless Aditi. Badima and Chitra would appreciate the effort of Ishita. Ishita would say that she wants to be a ideal daughter in law of this family following all the traditional values.

But when the dance programme would be going on, the conversation of Ishita in which she would criticize Oswal family, would be listened by everyone. Later Ishita would challenge Simar to perticipate in a fashion show and Simar would accept the challenge with ease.

Would Ishita be successful in her mission? Would Simar win in the challenge?
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