Sathya 10th April 2021 Written Update: Sathya torturing Veerasingham to get the truth from him.

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WhatsApp Image 2021 04 10 at 08.43.42

Sathya 10th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya notices Prabhu. She asks Prabhu to meet Selvi and talk with her. Prabhu says to her that Sathya is thinking Selvi as good person but she is not like that. Selvi used to black mail money from everyone. Sathya questions Prabhu who said this to him? Prabhu says that morning two ladies informed to him. Sathya questions him how could he believe others? Prabhu adds that one person alerted him in office too. Sathya says to him doesn’t he get doubt when did they came voluntarily to alert him. May Saravana set those people to damage Selvi’s character. Prabhu says to Sathya that they are Nirmala’s relatives. Sathya says to him that she know well about Selvi. Prabhu says to her that Sathya is not with Selvi 24/7 to know everything about her. Everyone has two faces. Selvi is also like that. Sathya says to Prabhu his point is correct but it will suit to Saravana. He is double faced man! He created good image infront of all but she knew well he has another one bad side too.

Prabhu asks Sathya to stop targetting Saravana instead of enquire about Selvi’s character? Sathya says to him there is no need of it, reasoning she knew well about Selvi. Prabhu demands her to enquire about her but Sathya deny it. Prabhu blames Selvi’s character. Sathya gets angry and complaints Saravana. Prabhu supports Saravana and gives good certificate to him. Sathya says that Selvi is like her sister. She will prove to all who is Saravana. On that day everyone will learn about it. Sathya is torturing Veerasingham to get truth from him. He says to Sathya that he will die if she do like this. Sathya asks Veerasingham to say the truth. He informs to Sathya that he knew well that Saravana tried in many ways to impress Selvi. But he has no idea when did he married Selvi and celebrated his first night. Sathya questions him doesn’t he planned all this infront of him? Sathya asks Veerasingham to inform Saravana as she said?

Veerasingham goes to Saravana room. He questions him Is he finished his first night or not? Is he married Selvi or not? Saravana says to him that he didn’t. Veerasingham says to Saravana that he knew well that Saravana tried in many way to correct her. Saravana says to Veerasingham that he loved Selvi. Veerasingham deny it. Saravana lied to him that Selvi blamed him. He didn’t done any mistakes. Veerasingham tries in many ways to collect the truth, but Saravana is not giving any hint to him. Saravana thinks that he is not going to trust anyone in this case. Sathya brings Indhumathi to her room. Seeing them Prabhu questions Sathya Is she bring her here to convince him? Sathya deny it, she says to him that she is going to prove who real Saravana is? Veerasingham comes there and plays the recording. Sathya disappointed to hear it. Prabhu says to her that Saravana accepted his love on her right? Sathya says to Prabhu it’s his smart move. He knew well that he can’t able to hide that he didn’t go behind her? Many evidence are against him! He is playing love drama now.

Indhumathi says that she can’t able to believe anything. Prabhu is still supporting Saravana. Veerasingham leaves from there. Sathya thinks a way to solve this issue. Nirmala informs to all that Saravana drank poison. Everyone get shock to see his state. Sathya notices the poison bottle. Nirmala takes Saravana into Ambulance and leaves. She is crying seeing his state. Saravana gets up and questions her why is she still acting? No one is here. Nirmala wipes her fake tears. Saravana questions her doesn’t doctor find out that he didn’t drink poison? Nirmala assures to him that her friend is doctor there. Nirmala slapa him for making her do these things. They reaches to hospital. Doctor pretends like checking him. Nirmala cries seeing her family. Sathya staring them in doubt.

Episode end.