Sathya 10th January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu kissing Sathya

Sathya 10th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with goons are beating Anitha and Veersingham unaware they are inside the bedsheet. Sadhashivam rushes to there thinking its Prabhu and Sathya. Anitha question the goons why did they beating them. Veerasingham complaints to them that his head got swelled because of them. Sadhashivam comes there and question the goons? Why did they beating them? They replies to him that he was the one ask them to kidnap two persons. He says he didn’t mentioned about them. Where is Prabhu and Sathya? Anitha informs to him that two goons came here and kidnapped them. Sadhashivam ask his goons to search for them. He says to Anitha its all that Sathya plan. Whatever happen they shouldn’t come.

Sasi coming in bike suddenly his bike stopped. He dials to mechanic. He refuse to help him reasoning today is chandrashttamam. Sasi trying for lift but none giving to him. Finally he takes risk and stand infront of van. Goons doubts why did he stopping their van. One of the goon said he is the one in our list to kidnap next. Goon ask to him why did he stopping the van? He informs to him that his friend give one work to him but his bike punchard so he need a lift. He gives lift to him.

Sasi find an wood in it. He thinks why did they carrying wood they are looking like goons too. Goons says its none of his business. Sasi noticed that Prabhu and Sathya are already blind folded and tied there. Sasi question them why did they kidnapped them? So they tied his mouth for talking too much. He again starts talking with action they tied his hand. He talking with eyes so they blind fold him. He still shaking body so they bang on his head he turns to unconscious.

Goons tied Sathya and Prabhu on pillars. Here Indhumathi comes back to home. Anitha ask Veerasingham to don’t reveal the truth to her he nods. Indhumathi gives prasadh to them and go to search for Sathya and Prabhu. But she don’t find them there. She is searching for them. Anitha badmouth on Sathya that she intentionally takes out Prabhu on function day to insult her infront of all. Indhumathi says that she knew well about Sathya she will be in mandap by saying she leaves from there along with Vignesh.

Goons bring Sasi also there. They unfold the blindfold. Sathya says to Prabhu they even kidnapped Sasi too. Iniyan and Azhagar pretend like a goons and place Knife on Sasi neck and called Raasathi as boss. She disguised as villain. She says to them that they are from k.m website they don’t like people whom are not in love. They kidnapped them to conduct the task. Prabhu says they looks like comedy villains. Azhagar often theatening them while placing knife on Sasi neck. Raasathi saying to them that they wanna prove their love for each other orelse he will kill Sasi.

Iniyan says to him that Sathya wanna hold the rose Prabhu wanna kiss her hand. Sathya thinks its an good idea. Sathya ask them to untie their hand. They untie it. Prabhu thinks she will beat them all. But Sathya ask him to kiss her reasoning she can’t able to take risk in Sasi life. Iniyan says while kissing Sathya that rose wanna bloom in their love. Prabhu says its nonsence all are mental here. They threaten him to do it. Prabhu is kissing her hand but its not blooming at all. Sathya teasing him that he is not loving her. Iniyan ask Sathya to kiss him. Sathya gives flower to him and kiss on his palm.

Episode end.