Sathya 10th June 2021 Written Update: Veerasingham mocks Saravana

Sathya 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veerasingham tells to Saravana that he don’t wishes to disturb him. If he ask to him where is drunks bottle also he can’t able to answer him properly so he will search it by himself. Saravana signals him something but he teases him. Veerasingham gets scared to see his reflection in mirror. He finds out the bottle in Saravana’s cupboard. Veerasingham says let’s start drinking. He informs to Saravana that only he gonna drink now reasoning he can’t able to drink.

Veerasingham teases Saravana and adds that he can read his mind. He may be thinking that he is drinking alone without him. He says that he is drinking in pain. Veerasingham tells him that his mouth looks good but they broken his mouth like this its hurting him a lot. He drinks again and says to him round two over. Veerasingham asks Saravana to mention whom beaten him? He will break their hand and leg. He drinks thinking Saravana can’t able to speak with him. He drinks the third round and teases Saravana’s appearance after beaten up to death. He compared him with beggar.

Veerasingham complaints that Saravana treated him bad not even considered him as his brother in law? That’s why god gave this punishment to him. Veerasingham asks him to do like him and adds that he danced too much in attittude that’s why god punished him. He starts drink again reasoning he is so happy to see his state. Saravana glares him. Veerasingham tells him that he know well that Sathya whom beaten him! Only she can able to beat him like this.

Saravana thinks that if he shares it to all then his problem is over. Veerasingham tells him that he caught his mind voice but he won’t do it reasoning he danced too much in his attittude that’s why she cutted his leg. He drinks again and questions him Is he thinking why didn’t he take side dish? He says that Saravana is his side dish. He will drink daily like this. Saravana mouth gets well and shouts. Veerasingham breaks his mouth and tells he will reveal his name too along with Sathya that’s why he beaten him.

Chief doctor is checking Saravana there. Doctor questions Nirmala Is she give medicine on time? She nods and complaints that she can’t find any improvement in him. Doctor questions her Is he joined in any coaching centre to see improvement. He says to them that he got beaten to death do he needs at least 1year to recover. He has no assurance that when will he get well soon. Nirmala and Indhumathi gets shock to hear it. He says that he can’t able to find his nerves it’s in Idiyappam state now. He needs physiotherapy treatment daily to cure soon. He introduces Physiotherapist to them.

Veerasingham questions him Is she his wife? He deny it and says she is nurse. He questions doctor Is his wife nurse? He says he is unmarried and single forever. Veerasingham comments that he is trying to make this nurse as his wife. Anitha scolds him. Doctor says that Veerasingham is disturbing him a lot. This nurse will daily comes here to give physiotherapy to him. Is there any doubts!

Veerasingham says he will definitely ask him if he gets any doubts. Chief doctor informs to all that nurse don’t know Tamil if anyone wanna contact her then talk in English. He gets relief after learning Veerasingham don’t know English. Veerasingham questions him usually everyone bring nurse from Kerala why did he bring her from Andra? He says for a change. Nurse give physiotherapy to Saravana. Veerasingham thinks that Saravana has big mole that’s why he got a beautiful physiotherapist. Prabhu feels bad to see Saravana’s state. Sasi and Selvi are romancing with each other Saravana glares them.

Episode end.