Sathya 10th March 2021 Written Update: Sathya’s prank to Anitha

Sathya 10th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saravana feels happy to see Selvi there. She starts pouring water on Saravana for his Angapradarshanam. Saravana prays to god loudly that he send Selvi to help him in his Angapradarshanam he is so thankful for it. So please send one girl to his lonely life. He need a lovely life partner. Selvi is staring him. Saravana says this all to impress Selvi. Veerasingham is watching his act. Selvi keeps pouring water on Saravana. He finishes his rituals and goes infront of idol. Selvi too joins with him.

Priest comes there and gives the prasad to both. They applies it inbetween their eyebrows. Pries comes there with Garlands. He handsover it to Saravana and Selvi. He asks them to wear it. They done like that. Priest mentions them as good husband and wife. Selvi gets nervous to hear it. Saravana pretends like scolding Priest for mentioning them as husband and wife. He appologizes to them and says to them that he misunderstands them. They looks like pairs so he said like that. Saravana says to him that Selvi is his friend. She is here to help him but he hurts her feelings.

Priest adds to him that they are looking perfect together. If they marry each other then good life is waiting for them. Selvi gives the garland to him and leaves from there. Veerasingham comes there and praises Saravana. He appreciates his trick to bring Selvi there. Priest words about them are cherry of the cake. Priest comes there to get money from Saravana. He gives the money to him for lying. Veerasingham questions him Is it his plan? Saravana replies to him that nothing will happen without money.

Selvi reaches home and thinking about the temple incident. She moves near the cupboard and stare the sarie which gifted by Saravana. Indhumathi calls her so she hides the sarie and rushes out. Indhumathi says to Selvi take arathi to Sathya. Veerasingham questions Anitha Isn’t she going to welcome Sathya? Anitha replies to him that its waste of time. Somehow that Sathya going to insult them so its better to stay here without creating any problem. Selvi takes Arathi to Sathya.

Sathya questions Indhumathi where is Anitha, Veerasingham and Sadashivam? Indhumathi replies to her that Sathya is unwanted guest to them so they are sitting inside. Sathya smirks and plans something. Indhumathi asks Sathya to come in but she deny it. She says to her she will come later. Sathya sends Prabhu inside. Sathya do magic walking stick comes to her hand.

Sathya enters inside the house limping. Anitha, Veerasingham and Sadashivam feels happy to see it. Seeing her limping everyone cross their legs in attittude to insult Sathya. Anitha questions Sathya what happened? Sathya replies to her that she can’t able to walk. She needs someone help to go inside. Anitha mocks at her. Anitha teases her that she done too much here. She even beaten Anitha with whip. Because of her attittude she is in this state. Actually seeing Sathya state she feels pity for her little but so happy inside. Anitha asks Veerasingham to play the situation song.

Veerasingham plays the sad song. Anitha asks him to play the happy song. He plays it Anitha and Veerasingham are dancing for it. Sathya joins with them giving shocks to all. Sathya says to Anitha that she wishes to make her enemy feel happy for few minutes. But she never expects they are hating her this much. Sathya teases them and leaves from there. Selvi comes to give juice to Sathya. Sathya questions Selvi Is Saravana disturbe her in Sathya’s absence? She replies as no. She supports Saravana and leaves. Sathya doubts Selvi’s behaviours. She wishes to watch an eye on her.

Sathya is getting ready. Prabhu is searching for something. Sathya thinks that Prabhu is going to give the drawing to her. She feels happy and questions him what is he searching for? He replies to her its important one. Sathya asking him to say the size of it. He asks her to allow him to search it peacefully. Sathya expecting the drawing. Prabhu finds it and goes near Sathya