Sathya 11th April 2021 Written Update: Sadhasivam slaps Saravana

Sathya 11th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya Prabhu reaches to hospital. Indhumathi and other family members too comes there. Nirmala pretends like crying seeing Saravana’s state. Indhumathi tries to console her. Doctor pretends like checking him and asks the nurse to take him inside the ICU. Indhumathi is consoling Nirmala. Sathya doubts something is wrong here. Saravana is not a person to take poison. Sadhasivam questions Nirmala why did he drank poison? Nirmala informs to him that Sathya blamed his character. It’s great insult to him. He can’t able to digest the fact that she damaged his character that’s why he done like this. Sadhasivam and others are staring Sathya. But Sathya is busy in thinking about the suspicious behaviour of Nirmala. She thinks why did Nirmala is not reacting much when her son is fighting for last breath?

Nurse comes outside. Sadhasivam enquires to her what happened? She says to him that doctor is checking him. Doctor comes outside. Sadhasivam asks her to say about Saravana’s condition. She stammers to answer them. She lies to him that Saravana is in critical situation. Sadhasivam asks her to give all the treatment to him. Money is not matter to him. Nirmala thinks that Saravana is perfectly alright. She fears Sadhasivam will be sick seeing his acting. Nirmala says to him nothing to worry he will be alright! Doctor says to him that Nirmala saying this to console him, but Saravana is in danger situation. Nirmala fears that doctor will give heart attack to him. Nirmala asks doctor to say something positively. She informs to all that chief doctor will come in evening. If he treats him then he will be alright! Sadhasivam asks her to bring him here. He will pay all his expenses. Doctor nods and leaves.

Sathya finds all strange here. Anitha notices her and blames Sathya as reason for his state. Anitha says that Sathya brought that Selvi to our house. She done this drama to damage Saravana’s name. Now Saravana drank poison in depression. If anything happen to him then she will kick out Sathya from that house. Sathya thinks that she will find out Is he doing drama or not? Sathya leaves from there. Anitha complaints that Sathya has no cares on Saravana. But they can’t be like her. Prabhu deny it and supports Sathya. Chief doctor is taking break fast. Sathya comes there. Seeing her he questions her why did she returned here? He starts to blabber in tension. Sathya says to him that she is not here to solve her problem. Chief doctor says to her that he can able to watch this hospital alone but not able to solve her personal problems. Sathya asks him to help her. He stares her pouting. Sathya narrates everything to him. He kind a understand the situation.

Sathya asks him to act along with her. He says to her that he will start shivering when it comes to acting. Sathya assures to him let’s deal it together. Sathya takes him from there. Doctor lies to Sadhasivam that chief doctor will come at evening. Nirmala pretends like crying. Sathya takes the chief doctor there and informs to all that he is famous doctor whom treated her in hospital. He can able to save Saravana. Nirmala didn’t allow him to go in. Sathya asks Prabhu to support her. Prabhu says to all that he is famous doctor he is lucky hand person too. Chief doctor adds that he can able to save him with single injection. Nirmala didn’t allow him in fear. Sathya convices Sadhasivam emotionally and sends him in. Saravana pretends like unconscious. Nirmala says to Sathya that she don’t trust him. Everyone goes in to check him. Chief doctor put injection to him. Saravana shouts in pain. He lies to all that he injected poison it will cure poison inside his body. If he didn’t drink poison then this poison will spread to his body. He will die in two minutes. Nirmala gets scared and reveals to all that they lied to all. Saravana didn’t drink poison. Sathya reveal to her that she too lied to get truth from their mouth. Sathya asks Saravana to get up. Sadhasivam slaps Saravana.

Episode end.