Sathya 11th February 2021 Written Update: Saravanan’s evil motive

Sathya 11th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya reaches the service centre. Mandapoona and Panagha mandayan are there. Makhan enquires to Sathya how is her grandma now? Sathya informs to them that her grandma is doing well. Latha comes there with her mom. Sathya feels happy to see them there.

Latha mom informs to Sathya that she fixed Latha marriage so they are here to invites her. Sathya replies to them its her family function what’s the needs of this formality. Latha complaints that she wished to invite her for engagement but Sathya went to see her grandma. Latha informs to Sathya that she wanna lead her marriage by giving nuptial chain to her. Sathya deny it reasoning elders are there to do it why did she asking her to do it.

Latha mom replies to Sathya that Latha is right even she wishes to see Sathya doing this for her daughter reasoning that Sathya done many thing for them. So they already talked with the groom family about it. Sathya agrees to do it and hugs Latha.

Sasi comes to office and notices that Prabhu lost in his thoughts. Sasi thinks what’s running on his mind he is damn sure its not duet. He wakes Prabhu but he pushes him down. Sasi complaints to him that he is not respecting him at all then enquires him about his dream?

Prabhu informs to Sasi that he is thinking about Sathya popularity in all places. She has some magic to attracts everyone. Everyone loves her. Sasi complaints except Prabhu all loves her. Prabhu replies he too loves her and accepted her as his wife. Sasi says he knew its meaning. He loves her as a friend. Prabhu replies not at all he accepted her but just waiting for the moment when that flower gonna blossoms in his heart.

Sathya reaches home and notices Veerasingham dancing there she too joins with him. Anitha turns off the song and questions Sathya how comes she is happy always? Sathya replies even a small happiness is matters to her. She has a good mother in law and lovely husband so she don’t wanna worry about anything? Anitha complaints that Sathya leading an loveless life with Prabhu. She is mere a room mate to him.

Sathya starts crying hears it and leaves from there. Anitha starts dancing. Selvi is cooking in kitchen. Saravanan staring her and goes near her. He is talking with her in seducing way. Selvi tries to ignores him. Saravanan asks Selvi to meet him 10pm at terrace. Selvi deny it but he threatens her to do it. Saravanan mixing drugs in halwa and waiting for Selvi in terrace.

Episode end.