Sathya 11th March 2021 Written Update: Sathya searching for the drawing

Sathya 11th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya thinks why did Prabhu not giving that drawing to her, even after completed it? Sathya starts to search for it in her room. She can’t able to find it there so she goes to the store room. She starts searching for the drawing there. She finds the frame there and feels disappoints when the drawing is not in it. Indhumathi searches for Sathya in her room. She goes to store room to look for Sathya. She finds her there. Indhumathi questions her what is she doing there? Sathya complaints to Indhumathi that Prabhu didn’t give the drawing to her yet. Indhumathi doubts why did he hesitating to give the drawing to Sathya. Sathya complaints that she doubts the same. She shares to Indhumathi may Prabhu changed his feelings for her that’s why he is hesitating to give it to her. Indhumathi deny it and says to her that she saw Prabhu’s feeling for Sathya. Sathya replies to her that she can’t able to trust Prabhu because she got bulb from him often.

Indhumathi consoles Sathya and says to her may be Prabhu wishes to surprise her. Sathya leaves from there. Anitha evesdrops their conversation. She informs to Sadashivam that Prabhu draw one painting for Sathya it seems he didn’t give it to her yet. Sathya is searching for it everywhere. Sadashivam thinks may Prabhu keeps it in office. He calls to Ramesh and asks him to check the Prabhu’s cabin. If he finds any drawing in his room bring it to him. He alerts him to turn off the cctv before taking it. Ramesh agrees to do it. Prabhu coming to office in o e side. Ramesh notices the drawing in Prabhu’s table. He hides it behind him and sneak out of Prabhu’s cabin. Prabhu enters inside his cabin. Ramesh calls to Sadashivam and informs to him that he took that Painting from Prabhu’s cabin. Sadashivam asks Ramesh to give it to him. Sadashivam informs to Anitha that he got that painting.

Ramesh is waiting in park for Sadashivam. He comes there along with Anitha and Veerasingham. Ramesh gives the painting to him. He shares his fear to Sadashivam that he stole the painting from Prabhu’s cabin. Sadashivam assures to him nothing will happen to him. He will take care of it. Anitha stares the picture and gets irritate to see that. Veerasingham praises Prabhu’s art talent. He admires the little baby picture. Anitha scolds him. Anitha and Veerasingham reaches to the house. Anitha asks Sadashivam to don’t send anyone inside the house. Anitha asks Veerasingham to watch out. Anitha hides the drawing inside Sathya’s room. Veerasingham complaints that she hidden it Sathya’s room so she will find it easily. Anitha replies to him it won’t happen because Sathya will only doubts them but she won’t check her own room. Veerasingham praises her idea.

Prabhu is talking with the travel agent and asks them to arrange everything in Agra. He says to him that drawing wants to be highlight. Because he wants to prove his love on her through it. Prabhu notices the drawing is missing in his table. He questions his staff? He warns them if he don’t get the drawing he will fire everyone here. Sasi comes there and convinces him. They checks the cctv footage and finds nothing.

Episode end.