Sathya 12th April 2021 Written Update: Sathya fails to collect the evidence against Saravana

Sathya 12th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sadhasivam questions Nirmala what’s the need to do this drama? He scared to death thinking about Saravana’s health issues. Nirmala stands there in silent. When Sadhasivam forces her Nirmala says to him that she asked Saravana to act like this. Reasoning she fears Sathya will hold Saravana as the reason for Selvi’s state. That’s why she asked Saravana to act like this. Sathya gives a unbelievable look to her. Sadhasivam says to Nirmala that she insulted him infront of all. He leaves from there in anger. Indhumathi comments that Nirmala acting strange and leaves from there along with Prabhu. Anitha and Veerasingham too follows them. Sathya says to Nirmala that she ruined her own name. Till the moment she trusted Nirmala’s honesty not anymore. Sathya says to Saravana that whatever she can try but none can’t able to save him from Sathya. She warns him and leaves from there.

Nirmala slaps Saravana in anger! She complaints to Saravana that she lost her name infront of all. Because of him she is in this state now! Sathya is thinking about the incident in terrace. Saravana comes there and notices Sathya there. He approaches her and talks with her in teasing way. Sathya says to him don’t show his attitude with her, she will cut his tiles. Saravana says to Sathya that he is accepting his mistakes to her. He married Selvi in temple. He lied to her and taken her to resort. He mixed sleeping pills in milk and finished his first night with her. But Sathya can’t able to prove this to anyone here. Sathya questions him Doesn’t he feel shame to play with a girl life? How could he say it to her proudly that he misused her? Saravana says to Sathya that he is feeling nostalgic whenever thinking about that moment. Sathya warns him that he is travelling in wrong path. Saravana challenges her if she can able to prove then do it. He already planned everythinv perfectly. Sathya can’t able to solve anything. Sathya questions him Is he challenging her? Saravana says to her that he still remembering her slap. He punished Selvi for it. He is not doing anything to Sathya considering she is Prabhu’s wife. He asks her to stop poking her head in his matter! If she do it then he will forgot about the incident orelse she will be punish too. Sathya asks him to stop blabbering.

Sathya says to Saravana in teasing way that she knew well to break his leg and throw him to corner. But she is not doing it, considering him as Selvi’s husband. She will be feel bad to see him sitting in wheel chair. Saravana says to her that he was one day husband to her. He himself broke it too. Sathya challenges him that she will prove Selvi’s innocence in one month, then make him again tie the nuptial chain to her, orelse she will change her name! Saravana asks her to think about new name. Sathya asks him to search a place to build his graveyard. If she fails to prove her innocence then she will definitely kill him. Saravana stares her in shock!

Sathya informs to Prabhu that she is going to enquire about the truth. Prabhu asks Sathya to leave this topic. He fears both Sathya and Prabhu will end up arguing with each other. Sathya asks Prabhu to think about Selvi. He deny it. Sathya pleads him to accompany her for sake of Sathya. He agrees to her. Sathya and Prabhu reaches to temple and enquires to the priest about the marriage. He lies to them that no marriage happened there. They leaves from there in confusion. Priest informs this news to Saravana. Prabhu takes Sathya to resort. They enquires to the resort Manager about it. He lies to them no one come to Resort. He shows the ledger as proof. Sathya feels disappoint with it. Prabhu convinces Sathya and takes her from there.

Episode end.