Sathya 12th July 2021 Written Update: Prabhu slaps Divya for burning the painting

Sathya 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya asks Prabhu to be careful or else he will fall down. He tells her that he pretends like lose his balance to check her care on him. She is passed in it. Its his turn to prove his love on her he shouts loudly and asks his neighbors to come. He says to them that he loves Sathya a lot but she is not believing him he asks the neighbors to help him to make her understand. Till Sathya believing him he won’t allow anyone to go from there. Neighbours asks Sathya to understand him and accepts his love. Watchman says to Prabhu that today is his first night what’s he doing here instead of enjoying. Sathya says to him even watchman are advising to him. Prabhu complaints that he is working hard to prove his love on her but he off him with his two dialogue. Sathya pulls him down both looks each other romantically.

Prabhu questions her Is she believing him? She blushes back to him. Prabhu says that her blushing face saying she is believing him let’s go down and enjoy their first night. Sathya pushes him away in shy. Divya notices this all angrily. She sneaks into Sathya room and gets irritate to see the decorations there. She glares at the painting thinks Sathya getting happy seeing this painting she will ruin her happiness now itself. She takes the painting and goes out. Sathya enters into the room after dressed up.

Prabhu stands seeing her and staring her without blinking. Sathya apologies to him reasoning everyone decorated this room for them putting so much efforts but she pushed away the flowers in anger. Prabhu tells her nothing to worry they arranged this room we with those flowers. Prabhu makes her sit beside him both are maintaining an eyelock. Prabhu says to her that one year completed after marriage but today he feels like today is their first night. Sathya tells to him that she is also feeling the same they used to fight with each other that’s why they missed this.

Sathya gets up to bring milk to him she says to him milk is cold now. Sathya about to go out he stops her by saying time is running off. He blabbers in tension. Prabhu thinks that she is looking different today. She gives milk to him and wipes out his sweet with her sarie. He stares her romantically and gives the milk to her. She drnks it Prabhu helps her to wipe the milk from her lips. Both are talking with each other through eyes. Sathya says to him milk glass is empty. Sathya notices the painting is missing in wall.

Sathya questions him where is the painting? He too doubts where did it went? He asks her to calm down may boys removed the painting to decorate the room. He searches for the painting in room. Sathya says to him that everything happening negative to her today. That painting is very important to her. Prabhu wishes to call Sasi but She stopped her. Sathya asks him to don’t mistaken her she is not feeling good let’s celebrate this first night tomorrow. He nods to her. Sathya apologies to him. She opens up with him. Prabhu asks her to nothing to worry let’s sleep now.

Sathya drift into sleep but Prabhu keeps thinking about the incident. He thinks Sathya got upset because of this painting. Divya comes to terrace taking the painting. Prabhu checks in store room. Divya poures petrol on the painting and laugh like evil. Prabhu reaches to terrace and notices Divya burning the painting. He rushes to there to off it but Divya asks him to stop it. He slaps her in anger. He lashes out at Divya for filling Hatteras in her heart and behaving like this. He questions her what did Sathya done to her why is she trying to snatch her happiness? They are trying hard to give news life to her but she is trying to create problems in their life. He warns her to stay away from their life or else he will deal with her different. He feels ashamed to love her once. He says to her clearly that only Sathya is in his heart he gonna live for her and her happiness by saying he leaves from there.

Episode end.