Sathya 12th October 2020 Written Update: Veerasingham spying Sathya brothers

Sathya 12th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sathya informing Anitha she wanna meet Soumya and gift the jewels to her it’s their tradition and the bride should marry wearing those jewels it’s their rituals. Anitha stares at them confused so Sathya shakes Prabhu. He says to them if they didn’t follow the rituals he will stop the marriage.

Anitha replies to them what’s the need to stop the marriage she will take them to Soumya room. They reach in front of her room. Sathya says to her they will go in. Anitha asks them why shouldn’t she allow in? Sathya informs to her they wanna meet Soumya and make her wear the jewels what is she gonna do with them?

Anitha refuses it. Prabhu asks her Is she hiding anything? Something is fishy here that is why she is not allowing them inside alone. Are you doubting whether the bride will say anything to us or not? Something is wrong? Call Kumaravelu I wanna stop this marriage soon. Anitha interrupts him and gives permission to them to meet Soumya alone.

Prabhu replies to them no need he will talk with Kumaravelu and stop this marriage. Veerasingham says to him don’t mistake Anitha she has no idea how to talk to others please go in without mind her words. Anitha glares him. Prabhu and Sathya go in with Kathir. Veerasingham says to Anitha he tried to convince him so don’t take his words as serious.

Sathya informs to Nirmala they are on the groom’s side and wanna gift jewels to Soumya so everyone goes out of the room. Soumya asks Nirmala to stay with her. Sathya asks her why did she behaving like this. Nirmala reason to her that she doesn’t like jewels that’s why stopping her. Prabhu comments nowadays girls don’t like to wear jewels.

Nirmala agrees with him and says after marriage she will change her mind. She left from there. Sathya asks her to wear the jewels Soumya refuse it unaware of whom are they? Sathya informs her they came as disguised to stop this Marriage. She assures her she will manage everything. Soumya tease Prabhu gets up and tells him it’s suiting to him well. She about to hug Kathir Sathya stops her and leaves from there.

Sathya and Prabhu sitting in mandap Anitha and Veerasingham keep watching them so she asks Makan to divert them. Makan assures to her that he will take care of her. Makan and Mandapana leaves from there to make doubt to Anitha. She asks Veerasingham to spy them. He starts to follow them. Three of them reached the food court and checking the table one by one.

Veerasingham doubts they brought bomb with them and gonna blast it there. He keeps watching them they loosened their belt and ask the server boy to serve food to them. They start to eat like crazily. Anitha called Veerasingham to know about them. He replies to her that they are not villains but foodies eating a lot. Veerasingham stopped the server and take one vada and starts to eat it. Anitha scolds him as a foodie and ask him to keep watching them.

Prabhu complained to Sathya that Kathir torturing him. Saravana comes there and introduces him to Kathir as a foreign return. Kathir thought he is from majili kuppam but Saravana is actually foreign return. Saravana asks him which country he has his business. Saravana overacting there without knowing the answer. Prabhu says to Sathya that he gonna spoil everything today with his overacting. Sathya asks him nothing to worry she will take care of it.