Sathya 13th February 2021 Written Update: Prabhu’s change over

Sathya 12th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya wakes everyone in the midnight. Sadhasivam questions Sathya why is she disturbing everyone’s sleep at night? Sathya replies to him that its very important thing that’s why. Anitha cried a lot to her at evening reasoning she can’t able to see Prabhu didn’t accept Sathya as his wife yet. Everyone staring Anitha in questioning way unbelievely.

Sathya ads that she worried a lot for Sathya even she is disappointed when their trip to Agra was canceled it seems. Sathya asks Veerasingham to read the paper. He stammers so Sathya teases him and informs to all that Prabhu again booked ticket to Agra. She is going to Agra with Prabhu in flight. Anitha gets the shock of her life. Sadasivam leaves from there in anger. Kathir and Soumya congratulates Sathya. Vignesh appreciates Prabhu’s effort. Meanwhile Indhumathi asks Anitha to stops pretending like Happy. Sathya smirks and irritates Anitha.

Veerasingham is watching Cartoon. Anitha can’t able to digest the fact that Sathya going to Agra with Prabhu. She thinks that she will stop her going to Agra at any cost. She is even ready to set up an accident to her. Prabhu is sleeping forgetting the time. Sathya is getting ready to go to her service centre. Prabhu wakes up and enquires Sathya why did she getting ready so early today? She replies to him its 9am.

Prabhu makes faces and rushes into the Washroom. He asks her to give the towel to him. Sathya questions him why did he asked her to do it? He used to do it all in his own? Prabhu replies he is changed now. Sathya brings the towel to him. He asks her to select her favourite shirt for him.

Sathya selects shirt for him. He asks her to button his shirt. Sathya smiles and helps him to gets ready. Sathya says to him that Latha marriage is coming. She asks Sathya to give nuptial chain to her. Prabhu assures to her that he will definitely accompany her to buy the nuptial chain in the evening.

Sathya questions him in curiosity, why did he asks her to helps him today? Prabhu replies that his mom used to do this all to him now she is his another mom. Sathya feels happy and starts to dance. Prabhu arrives to office. Sasi questions him why did he taking 4 days leave again?

Prabhu informs to Sasi that he is going to Agra with Sathya. Sasi teases him that only lovers and husband and wife are means to go there. Prabhu replies even he is married. Sasi teases him that he is treating Sathya as friend. Still that flower didn’t blossom in his heart. Prabhu replies that he is going to make it blossom. Sasi feels happy. Prabhu asks him to enquires all the married staffs how to impress wife? Sasi nods. Sathya is lost in Prabhu’s thoughts.

Episode end.