Sathya 13th January 2021 Written Update: Sathya cancel the programme

Sathya 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Raasathi sister in law and mom giving Raasathi horoscope to priest to check her time. He check it and informs to them that she is in critical situation now. She informs to him that she is standing in elcetion. He replies to her she has least interest in it. She replies to him its correct because she is standing against her aunty so she has no interest to do it. She ask him to do something to change her mind.

He informs to them that many situation comes against them to stop her standing in this election. There will be arguements comes in their family and don’t ever debt to anyone. She says to him its election time so doing it difficult task suggest something else. He ask them to do one pooja then everything will be alright. She inform this news to Iniyan and Raasathi. Iniyan ask her to conduct the pooja he will inivite all blood relation to it.

Prabhu waiting for Sasi. He ask to him why did he ask him to wait here. Sasi says to him that he got ticket too. Prabhu question him did he got Master movie ticket? He says he is going to Delhi. He again tease him that he gonna watch movie there. Sasi says to him that he booked ticket to go to Agra with them.

Its the last ticket if he late by 1 min too he fail to get it. Prabhu tear it and says to him that after one year he is going out with his wife he is planning to spoil it. Prabhu leaves from there. Sasi thinks whether he is his friend or enemy. He thinks it means Prabhu accepted Sathya as his wife.

Iniyan invite his family to come. Kanmani refuse to go like her mother in law but Iniyan father agree to him. Prabhu and Sathya going in car. Sathya says to him that she is so happy thinking about this trip. Prabhu says that he wish to see this happiness in her face that’s why he booked tickets. He stop the car and go to buy some things for her.

Sathya calls to Raasathi to thank her. She wish her good luck and shares her problem with Sathya. She advise her to listen to Iniyan. Prabhu gifts Sathya sweater to wear it in Delhi. Sathya says to him that they are not going to Delhi she will say everything to him in home.

Raasathi and Iniyan sit to do the pooja. He informs to them that they wanna take water from river in kalasam. Important thing don’t keep it down at any cost. Kanchana and Kanmani planning in different way to ruin her pooja but Iniyan save her from all.

Episode end.