Sathya 13th March 2021 Written Update: Sathya slaps Ramesh

Sathya 13th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya says to Veerasingham that she is already in frustrate mood, so don’t irritate her much. If Anitha keeps disturbing her then he has no idea what will she do with her? Anitha questions her Is she threatening her? She questions her in attittude what she can able to do with her? Sathya glares her and walks away. Veerasingham teases her that she has fear. Sathya turns back to him and says she has fear but its about what will be Anitha state if she is the one behind the incident which disturbing her. Sathya starts her bike and thinks what if Anitha did something to Amul baby? If she don’t do it then how will she know about Prabhu’s mood off matter?

Sathya wishes to find out the truth. Sasi is in office he plays the song in his mobile. He is staring one office girl in romantic way. She is also maintaining the eyelock with him. She says to him that Hindi song is super. Sasi replies to her its Tamil song not Hindi. She says to him that she can’t able to understand the meaning of it. Sasi is narrating to her what’s that lyrics actual meaning is. She replies to him that meaning is not so good. He replies to her that he understand why she is remains single.

Office Girl says to Sasi that she like the mix of vodca and scotch with ice cubes. Sasi widen his eyes hearing it. Sathya comes there. Sasi says to her that Prabhu is not here. Sathya says to him that she is here to meet him. Sathya enquires to Sasi why Prabhu is in mood off? What’s bothering him. Sasi thinks Prabhu kept it as surprise Sathya how will he shares it to her? Sathya questions him Is it about painting? Sasi questions her how comes she know it? She says to him that she knew it but she is pretending like no idea about it. Sasi informs to Sathya that Prabhu wishes to give that painting to Sathya surprisely in office. But its missing now that’s why Prabhu is upset about it? Sathya says to Sasi she wants to check the CCTV of his cabin. Sasi takes her in.

Ramesh gets nervous and calls to Sadashivam. He informs to him that Sathya came to office. She is going to check the CCTV footage. Sadashivam asks him to don’t worry. She is uneducated person. Even Prabhu didn’t find anything. Ramesh cuts the call. Sadashivam says to Anitha that Ramesh is worry for nothing. Sathya asks Sasi to connect the laptop. Its asking Password. Both are trying many password but nothing worked out. Finally its opened when Sasi typed as Rowdy baby 143.

Sathya says to him its mean rowdy baby I love you. Sathya is watching the CCTV footage and finds something is strange. She asks Sasi to rewind the footage. She informs to him that someone turns off the footage for 15 minutes. Its preplanned one. She calls to receptionist and asks something to her mutely.

Sathya asks Sasi to call everyone to assemble in office. She wants to enquire them one by one. Sasi brings everyone there. Sathya is kneely watching everyone’s expressions. One of the staff questions her why did she staring them in this way? She replies to them there is one black sheep in this office. Whom stoled painting from Prabhu’s cabin. She wants to find that person. She starts cout down and asks the person to come forward orelse she will beat him. None comes forward so Sathya goes near Ramesh and slaps him. He complaints that she is treating him badly and insults her as uneducated person. Sathya slaps him more and reveals to him that she checked the register he took 2 hours permission to go out. She takes him inside the cabin and beats him again. He confess all the truth to him in fear.

Episode end.