Sathya 13th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya tackles the situation

Sathya 13th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Prabhu saying to Sathya that Kathir blinking there not able to answer to Saravana. Definitely, he gonna ruin our plan. Sathya replying to him she taught him to behave properly but it seems he has no idea to tackle this situation. Prabhu gets worried and starts to blabber there.

Sathya calms him and assures him she will take care of it. She goes near Saravana and asks him who is he using local slang. Saravana asks her she looks modern but her slang is local. Sathya replies to him it’s like that only don’t concern about it and introduce himself. He says to her he is Saravana Soumya’s brother.

Sathya tells to Kathir this pig mouth person is his Brother in law. He asks her why did she mentioning him in this way? She replies to him he resembling it and added some more nicknames to him. Sathya then informs him she is Singaram’s wife and Kathir is her grandson. He stares at them in a suspicious way so she signals Kathir to bring him a foreign drink bottle.

Kathir nods and brings it to him. Saravana complained that its not foreign drinks but Indian. Kathir blinks and Sathya scold him through eyes. Kathir says to him he asked his servant to buy a foreign drink for him he brought it fool. Actually there Indian things were foreign items so. Sathya nods as yes. Kathir says to him if he doesn’t need it he will keep it inside the bag. Saravana stops him and says he didn’t say to him that he doesn’t need it actually he needs it. Indian brand is his favorite then foreign brand. Sathya makes faces.

Here Veerasingham spying Makan and Mandapoona trio. They are eating like hell and suffering to get up after eating a lot. They somehow go to wash their hand. Anitha calls Veerasingham and ask to him what’s going on there? He replies to her they ate a lot now washing their hands Anitha ask him to keep watch them.

Mandapoona saya after eating a lot his stomach is upset rest too shares the same so they move into the washroom. Veerasingham makes faces for doing drama there. Anitha again called him to know about the situation he narrated it she still asks him to spy on them. The trio came out of the washroom Veerasingham hides there.

Mandapoona informs him that he again feeling hungry so let’s eat again. Veerasingham informed this to Anitha that they came to eat not to stop this marriage. Anitha ask Veerasingham to stop spying on them

Here priest asks to bring the groom on the mandap. Dinesh took to Mandap after him Soumya reaches there and sits beside him. Prabhu ask Sathya what did she planned to stop this marriage? He is super tensed now. She assures him nothing will happen. The priest asks Kavitha to take a blessing from everyone for Mangalyam.

She did as he said. Soumya staring Sathya in a questioning the way she assures her she will take care of it. Even Prabhu and Kathir ask the same to her she repeats it to him. The priest asks Dinesh to tie the knot with her. Soumya and Kathir get tensed. One jeep land there and one cop entered into mandap. When Dinesh about to tie the knot He threw his laathi stick on him. Mangalyam fell down. Everyone shocks to see the person there. Sathya informs to Prabhu he came.