Sathya 14th January 2021 Written Update: Sathya beating goons

Sathya 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Raasathi coming to temple carrying the kalasam. Kaanchana’s goons are waiting to beat Raasathi. They pushed the kalasam its flying on air. Its caughted by Sathya and punched on the goon face. Prabhu too gets down from the car. Sathya waves her hand to them. Sathya ask her to leave and she will deal with the goons. Iniyan worry for Sathya. Prabhu ask them to leave without minding her because she will deal with them. They leaves Sathya showing black and blue to those goons.

Kanmani and her mom waiting for Raasathi to see her worried face but shocked to see her return with Kalasam. Gurukkal ask Raasathi and Iniyan to start pooja and confirm with saasthri when will he reach here. Kanmani assures to her mom he won’t come. Kaanchana kidnapped saasthri to ruin the pooja. Sathya and Prabhu reach the pooja place and greeted them. Gurukkal complaint that Saasthri is getting late his mobile is switched off.

Sathya guessed someone intentionally doing it to ruin the pooja and learn from Azhagar that Kaanchana is villain. She leaves with him to her house. Saasthri complaints to Kaanchana its sin ruining the pooja. Kanchana ask him to shut his mouth. Sathya entering into her house. Sathya beating the goons. Saasthri ask her to give his mobile to inform them that he is not coming. Kaanchana replies she wanna see them suffering none will come to save him because she is god here.

Sathya comes there. Goons says to Kaanchana she is giving over build up here let him finish her. Kaanchana stop him and says she will finish him. She remember her past how Sathya beaten her to death. Sathya question her what is she doing here? Kaanchana gets scared and send saasthri with her. Sathya warns her to stay away from Raasathi matters. Kaanchana says to his assisstant he pretend like scared to take revenge on her. She ask her goons to ruin the pooja. All are getting tensed when Saasthri getting late. Kanmani is happy for it. Sathya bring him on time to disappoint Kanmani.

Goons comes there and start the fight between them to ruin the pooja. Sathya says to Prabhu it don’t look like the normal fight but preplanned to ruin the pooja. Prabhu saying something to Azhagar. Their relations form a round around them to protect Raasathi and Iniyan from them. Sathya beating the goons. Maruthu escaped from there seeing it. Pooja done. Raasathi gives the prasad to crow. If it eats it their pooja accepted by god.

Crow comes there and eat it. Raasathi saying to Iniyan that she is happy everything done well. More then Sathya gonna stay here for one week. Sasi says he is not at all happy because they sacrificed their honeymoon trip and came here to help Raasathi. She says to them no one will do like them. Sathya says they can go to trip another week. Now election is important. They leaves to sleep.

Raasathi saying to Iniyan that Sathya and Prabhu sacrificed their happiness for them so let’s arrange honeymoon for them here. Iniyan nods. Kanmani saying to Kaanchana that Sathya spoiled everything already people support is to her now she too join with her. They can’t do anything when Sathya is with her. They are planning to seperate Raasathi and Sathya.

Episode end.