Sathya 14th July 2021 Written Update: Good news to Prabhu

Sathya 14th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya and Prabhu are dancing for a romantic song. Sathya wakes up next morning and holds Prabhu hands smiling. She searches for her bindi and finds it on his neck. She takes it and places it on his forehead. She admires him and takes it back. She feels happy to see the painting. Indhumathi comes there and questions her Is she wake up? Sathya says to her that she slept long today. Indhumathi admires her blushing. She takes dhrishti of her.

Indhumathi says to her that she is so happy today and asks her to give coffee to him. Veerasingham questions Anitha why did Indhumathi praising Sathya like this! Anitha questions him what’s the need of his moustache? If he executed his plan well then nothing should be end up like this. She regrets for marrying him. Veerasingham thinks what did he done wrong why is she scolding him? Indhumathi thank god for giving happiness in her life today. She asks god to give heir to her soon don’t delay it. She prays to god.

After 8 years

It’s Annual day function in school. School conducting fancy dress competition to kids. One by one all students are performing on stage. Teacher announces the results to all one by one to all the first 5 participants. She says to all these 4 kids parents are same. She welcomes Prabhu on stage. Prabhu congratulates his kids. Teacher asks him to say some words about his kids. Prabhu says to them that he is proud of them. Teacher asks to them who is the reason behind their talent? Prabhu says that his wife is reason behind it. He calls Sathya on stage. She is pregnant again. Teacher teases her that they are prepared to get first 5th place in competition. Sathya says to them its her first baby. Prabhu says she is lying she is pregnant with 5th baby. Both are arguing with each other. Prabhu is dreaming this all.

Prabhu wakes up from sleep and questions her where is her belly? Doesn’t they participated in the competition. Their kids are studying in school and got prize on stage. Even she is pregnant with 5th child. Sathya says to him only one and half month are over after their first night but he already started dreaming about baby. Sathya leaves to fresh up. Prabhu is keep staring her romantically and says to her that be can’t able to take off his eyes from her. He is trying to be romance with her. Sathya is pushing him away while maintaining eyelock with him. She demands him to go and take bath. She pushes him away. Prabhu is trying to be close with Sathya but Indhumathi enters into the room in wrong time. Prabhu and Sathya runs in two direction. He doubts whether she saw it or not? Prabhu asks her to place the coffee and go. She asks him to lock the door and do everything.

Sathya pushes Prabhu inside the bathroom to take bath. She blushes. All are sitting to take break fast. Veerasingham is irritating Anitha with his stupid doubts. Sathya and Prabhu are staring each other romantically. Veerasingham complaints Prabhu is wasting the chatni. Indhumathi smiles seeing it. Soumya comes there and opens the fridge door. It’s hits her belly. She moans in pain. Doctor informs to them that nothing to worry she is alright. Indhumathi asks Prabhu to take care of Sathya also reasoning she will give good news soon.

Episode end.