Sathya 14th June 2021 Written Update: Prabhu feels guilty

Sathya 14th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sasi and Selvi comes to dining hall and asks Vasanthi to give coffee to him and tea to Selvi. Anitha and Veerasingham notices it. Veerasingham thinks everyone started order in this house. Sasi smiles to Selvi. Anitha questions Sasi doesn’t they have shame? Is this a hostel or orphanage to stay here always and eating free food here? Sasi gets up hearing it. They came here after Sathya invited them. He can stay here at least two days for formalities but he stayed here like his own house instead of leaving from here. Selvi starts cries hearing it. Sasi dislikes it. Anitha asks them to leave from there tomorrow. Anitha and Veerasingham leaves from there.

Prabhu waits for his client. He informs to him that he will be late so he can wait in restaurant till he meet him. Prabhu nods and goes there. He shocks to find Divya there. Prabhu gets nervous seeing her there. He walks near her and calls her but she didn’t give any expression to him. Vinoth comes there and says to Prabhu that Divya has no idea what’s her name? She is just living like this. He questions him doesn’t Prabhu gets shock to see Divya here? He might be.

Vinoth says if he takes Divya near her mom Janaki also she can’t able to identify her? How will she find her out when she has no idea about her identity. She was in comma last one year. He narrates her state to Prabhu and how did Siddha doctor saved her from comma. Vinoth adds that she didn’t get her full conscious yet. She can walk like a human beings apart from this she has no feelings at all. He may be doubt how come Vinoth knew this much details about her? Because she was in his house last one year in comma state.

Prabhu gets shock to hear it. She didn’t eloped with anyone as they expected. Someone kidnapped her she met with an accident when she tried to escape from them. That person escaped after she met with an accident. Vinoth tells him that he was the one saved Divya from that accident. Doctor gave up treating her. So he kept her in his house and gives treatment to her. He cams to know this now that Divya is about to marry him. He wishes to bring her back to him after learning the truth.

He reveals to Prabhu that he asked someone to talk with Prabhu like a client. Vinoth says that Prabhu betrayed her. He has no idea that someone kidnapped Divya and thought she eloped from the Mandap and married her sister in same mandap. When Divya comes back to her conscious Divya will feel bad about it. She will be the villain on his life. She won’t leave Prabhu and Sathya to live peacefully. Sathya is living her life now. Divya mentions Vinoth as fool. How will she ruin her sister’s life? Divya accepts that she jealoused to see Sathya and has competition with her too. But she is not a fool to destroy her life after she got married into a good family. She reveals to him that she got conscious in his house and heard his plan. He wishes to use her as his weapon to destroy Prabhu and Sathya it won’t happen. If he dares to ruin their family then she will be his first enemy. Prabhu feels to see her.

Divya shares to him that he don’t wanna be guilty in her matters Whatever Vinoth said wrong. She was kidnapped from mandap due to her mistakes nothing is Prabhu mistakes in it. She asks him to take care of Sathya. Prabhu asks her to come to his house but she deny it reasoning they will misunderstand them seeing together. She assures to him that she is going to her house and will come and meet all in his house along with her mom and grandma. She asks him to inform about her to Sathya and says she will be very happy to hear it. Divya leaves from there. Prabhu stares her emotionally.

Episode end.