Sathya 14th March 2021 Written Update: Veerasingham disguises as Bhai

Sathya 14th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya enters into house and calls everyone to assemble in hall. Sadashivam and Nirmala comes there. Indhumathi questions Sathya why did she called everyone to come here? Sathya notices Anitha and Veerasingham too reaches there. Sathya informs to Indhumathi that she found the reason behind Prabhu’s mood off? Indhumathi questions her what is it? Sathya replies to her that Prabhu painted one painting for her and wishes to impress her but now that Painting is missing. He is upset because of it.

Sadashivam and Anitha smirks each other. Sathya says to Indhumathi that Prabhu lost that painting in office but she doubts its is in home. Sathya adds that she wants everyone to check their room and find it out for her. Sadashivam says to Indhumathi that Sathya is insulting him. Indhumathi replies to him that Sathya didn’t mean like that. Sathya says to Sadashivam that she is not going to search their room. If she do it then he can think its insulting him but she is requesting him to check for her.

Sadashivam complaints both are same. Anitha says to him that Sathya is suspecting her. How will she get the painting in home which went missing in office. Here Sathya is insulting her so she asks Sathya to check her room. Sadashivam says to Sathya if she don’t find it then get ready to face the punishment. Anitha takes Sathya inside her room and checking everywhere. She finds nothing there. Anitha asks Sathya to appologizes to Anitha for suspecting her. She complaints that Sathya is suspecting her for everything.

Veerasingham feels proud to see Anitha’s master brain. She smartly kept that drawing in Sathya’s room guessing it before itself. Sathya says to all that she knew well about Sadashivam. He is waiting for a chance to kick her out so she won’t bring anything without evidence. She calls Veerasingham and asks him to connect the pen drive to Tv. He connects it there Ramesh confessing truth video is playing. Sadashivam gets frustrate seeing it. Indhumathi questions him where is his face now? Sadashivam leaves from there.

Indhumathi starts scolding Anitha for doing like this. Sathya asks Anitha to give the painting soon orelse she will inform everything to Prabhu. If he comes to know the truth then she can imagine what will be his next step? Veerasingham dreams like begging for money so he asks Anitha to return the painting to Sathya. Anitha goes to upstairs. Sathya asks to Veerasingham where is she going? He replies to her that she will go after killing everyone. He informs to her that Anitha kept the painting in Sathya’s room. Indhumathi and Sathya are shocks to see the place where she hidden it. Indhumathi complaints to Anitha that she is taking revenge not only on Sathya but also her own brother. Sathya snatches the painting from her and feels emotional.

Sathya gives the painting to Anitha. Indhumathi questions her why did she giving it to her? Sathya replies to her that Prabhu wishes to surprise her with this painting. He wants to see her happiness while seeing this. So she don’t want to see it before he is gifting her. Sathya warns Anitha to keep it back orelse she will inform this all to him. Anitha thinks how to place it back. Veerasingham gives an idea to Anitha. Anitha beats him for disguises like in cinema. Later Veerasingham disguises like a Bhai and leaves.

Episode end.