Sathya 14th October 2020 Written Update: Soumya marriage stopped

Sathya 14th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Dinesh gonna tie the knot around Soumya she is shocked to see it. She stares at Sathya disappointed she turns her face away. Kathir almost in the teary state. The cop gives stylish entry there and threw his taathi stick on him. Dinesh drops down the thaali in pain. Everyone turns back to see who is there and shock to find Inspector there along with Constable.

Sathya says proudly to Prabhu look at him he gives entry at the correct time as she said. Prabhu replies super to her. He asks her who is him? She replies to him that she can’t able to narrate in words just watch out for his action because he is different. Everyone staring at the inspector he wears his goggles and walks near them stylishly. Then removed his cap.

They are standing there in silence and staring at him in open mouth. Inspector asks to them why didn’t anyone question him why did he stop the marriage stylishly. They start to question him at a time. He replies to them don’t ask at a time ask to him one by one. Sadashivam ask him why did he stop the marriage? He asks to him who is he? Sadashivam replies to him he is the father of the bride. Inspector called him down to accompany him to the police station.

Sadashivam goes near him and questions him why should he go with him. Inspector teases him that the Corona test is taking there so come and take it. Prabhu asks Sathya why did he dragging his uncle. Sathya replies to him that it’s not in the script but don’t worry he will manage it. Inspector mentioned him as 3rd aquest. He asks him what did he do wrong? Inspector asks him to quiet and called 1st aquest. Dinesh blinks the Inspector asks him to come down by mentioning aquest.

Sadashivam gets angry and blames him for mentioning his son in law as aquest. Inspector replies to him that he is befriended with an aquest and giving his daughter hands to an aquest then he is also an aquest. He warns him to come down so Dinesh goes down. He then called out Kumaravelu but he hides behind his wife. He warned him to come down without option he came. Sadashivam taking their sides and saying to him they are innocent. Inspector held both of them ears and ask them to confess the truth but Kumaravelu denies it.

Inspector slapped Dinesh and warn Kumaravelu to confess the truth. Kumaravelu trying to manipulate Sadashivam he too fell in his trap and sided him. He ask to him whether he has evidence against him or else he can’t take action against them. Inspector asks Sadashivam who will dare to come to the mandap among all rich people to arrest him without proper evidence. Sadashivam stammers. He has all evidence against him he ask Sadashivam to accompany him to the police station if he has doubt. When he beats them to death they will confess all the truth. He dragged them out. But Sadashivam stops him.

He asks to Inspector to leave him because today is his daughter marriage it will be stopped. The inspector replies to him let it stop me. Because they are doing illegal business. Saling brown sugar spoiling many lives. If he gives his daughter hands to him her life is over. Search a good groom for her and do her marriage. We must look for a good groom for our daughter instead of a rich and prestigious. By saying this he dragged them outside. Sadashivam stares at his family.