Sathya 14th September 2020 written update: Kathir praying for Soumya

Sathya 14th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soumya friends reach to hospital and ask to her mom about her condition.  She tells her she don’t know. Sadashivam ask them how did they knew about her state.  They says to him that when they go to house to meet Soumya servant informed to her.

Sadashivam scold servant for spreading this news to everyone he says he wanna fire her. He warns her friends to hide it from anyone they nods.  Kumaravelu calls to Sadashivam. He hesitate to pick the call doubting whether they comes to know about Soumya too. He picked it normally.  

Kumaravelu ask Sadashivam whereabouts ? He reasoned that he was near by his house so he wished to meet him and Soumya.  Sadashivam lies to him that his whole family is out to worship god.  Kumaravelu disconnect the call by saying let’s meet another one day.  Sathya and Prabhu stare him how did he tackled the scene.  Nurse ask Sadashivam to meet doctor.

 Prabhu too joins with him. Doctor inform to them that Soumya condition is very serious they gave their best treatment to her.  If they wish to shift her to another hospital also she has no problem with it.  Prabhu ask her why did she talking like that he trust her because she is their family doctor.  Doctor reasoned that she met many parents whom complained if they shifted those patients to another hospital may they can rescue their kids.

Soumya is in very young age so you will take any risk to save her.  Sadashivam says you guys did your best if she didn’t survive then we will accept it what stores for us by saying he takes the leave.  Prabhu stare him disappointedly.  Prabhu ask doctor to bring specialist to treat her.

Everyone ask to Sadashivam how is Soumya he lies to them she is alright.  Her mom got relief.  Prabhu stands there nervously. Sathya noticed him,  Sadashivam leaves when he get one phone call. Sathya keeps ask him what doctor said.  Anitha taunt Sathya didn’t she heard uncle words then why did she hurting her brother with her questions.

Prabhu says uncle lied to us Soumya is in very serious condition. Her mom starts to cry hearing it Sathya console her,  Anitha too join with her.  Soumya friends informed this news to Kathir.  Anitha takes Soumya mom to temple to pray for Soumya health.

Kathir informs to Makan and Mandapoona that Soumya is in very serious condition so he gonna worship god.  Anitha,  her husband,  soumya mom reached hospital and pray for Soumya. Her mom sits infront of god.  Anitha leaves with her husband to takes a round around the temple.  They happens to see Kathir praying to god for Soumya walking in his knee holding vilakku in his either hands. Anitha says to her husband that his prayer wanna fulfilled but he wanna die after done it.  She bribed random lady and said something to her secretly to make it difficult for him to finish the prayer.