Sathya 15th February 2021 Written Update: Sathya is in danger

Sathya 15th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya is riding the bike in highway. Goons are following her in the lorry. Sathya is ahead of them. One of the goon asks the driver to stop the lorry he wanna use washroom. Head complaints that they wanna kill Sathya asap so he can’t allow him to steps out of lorry. He replies to him that he is a sugar patient. He threaten him to shut his mouth orelse he will kill him. They starts following Sathya.

Heas asks the head to hit her soon but one vehicle comes between them. Sathya takes a diversion. They are following her in that route. Goon asks the driver to stop the lorry again pointing the hole in road. Head says to him strictly if he tries to stop him again then he will kill him without fail. They starts following Sathya again but they puts an sudden break seeing Sathya falls down bleeding.

Sathya shouts Prabhu name while the car hits her. Prabhu puts an sudden break and feeling uneasy. He questions Sasi Is he hears Sathya voice? He deny it. Prabhu informs to him that he is feeling strange. Sathya is bleeding in road. Main goon says to the henchmans whom chased Sathya in lorry that he knew well they can’t able to harm her that’s why he done it. He leaves from there leaving Sathya behind.

Peoples comes running towards her. Police arrives there and checks Sathya. He informs to Ambulance. Prabhu calls to Sathya number. Inspector attends the phone call and informs to Prabhu about Sathya’s accident. He asks him to visit at Dharmapuri hospital and disconnect the call. Prabhu informs to Sasi that Sathya met with an accident. He starts shivering and drives to the hospital.

Inspector admits Sathya into hospital. They starts giving first aid to Sathya and slowly starts doing treatment to her. Prabhu reaches to hospital along with Sasi. They enquires to receptionist and rushes towards ICU. Nurse informs to Inspector about Sathya state. When Prabhu reaches there Inspector narrates her critical situation to him and alerts Prabhu that it seems preplanned accident. Prabhu replies to him that she never give heed to her safety but fights for justice so she has so many enemy. Sasi informs to Sathya’s mom, and brothers.

Latter he informs to Indhumathi she gets shock of her life and starts crying hearing it. Everyone rushes towards the hospital meanwhile Sadashivam, Anitha and Saravana are celebrating this news. Prabhu is breaks down seeing Sathya’s state. He is remembering the moments he shared with Sathya and turns to be emotional. Sathya is laying in ICU fighting for her life.

Episode end.