Sathya 15th July 2021 Written Update: Sathya is adamant in her decision

Sathya 15th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indhumathi teasing Prabhu. Soumya comes there and mistakenly hit with fridge door. They gets panic to see it and calls the doctor. Doctor checks her and informs to all nothing to worry. Baby moments are fine. In this time she might be careful she asks them to take care of her. Indhumathi advises Soumya to be careful. Prabhu also advising to her. Prabhu asks Kathir to take care of Soumya. He nods to him. Indhumathi says to him he can advise to Kathir later first take care of his wife also. Prabhu questions her why would he do it? Indhumathi indirectly says to him there is more chances Sathya also expecting.

Prabhu questions her will she say this lately? He brings few people to home. They greets them. Indhumathi questions them who are they? Prabhu introduces them to her as they gave birth to 5 babies. She has so much experience in delivery. He clears the crowd. He insults Veerasingham and asks him to get up. He makes them sit there. He says to all that he bring them for Soumya. They are experienced people so they will advise to Soumya what should she do in pregnancy period. Sathya wishes to go to her room but he stops her. Soumya praises his love on her. Indhumathi thinks that he is doing this for Sathya. Prabhu asks Soumya to ask her doubt to them!

Soumya questions the grandma what should she do get a pretty baby? She asks her to eat saffron. If she wanna see her baby with more weight she suggests her to eat mutton ghee. Prabhu asks Sathya to question them something. She says to them Soumya is already asking them. Grandma advises to them to sleep alone. She questions her where should sleep? Grandma says that she shouldn’t sleep with her husband. They gets embarrassed to hear it. Prabhu keeps pressuring to Sathya to question them something. Sathya says to him that she is not getting any idea. Prabhu gets irritate and sends them from there. Soumya confronts him and says that she knew well he is doing this all for Sathya by saying she leaves.

Prabhu standing in balcony Divya comes there and says to him that Sathya is expecting it’s good news. Prabhu trying to protects her it’s also good but he is wasting his time. She is not saying in the jealous on Sathya neither she is talking like this because she didn’t get him. Sathya is not a woman she has no qualities of a woman. She is unfit to become a mom. Usually woman’s will give up everything when they are carrying baby but Sathya won’t do it she is damn sure about it. She won’t give birth to that baby healthily to him. Prabhu asks her to stop talking nonsense about Sathya infront of him. He challenges her that Sathya will definitely give birth to his baby healthily. It’s his promise too. Divya smirks at him.

Prabhu notices Sathya standing on chair. He advises to her don’t do like this. She wanna be careful in this time. Sathya says to him that she can’t able to behave like this. Prabhu gets irritate to hear it. Sathya phone rings. Prabhu attends it and came to know one girl from slum is in danger she asks Sathya to save her from ex.. Counselor. Prabhu thinks Sathya will over react if she comes to know it and decided to hide this from her. He leaves to police station and gives complaint on him. Police is not giving heed to him and sends him from there. Sathya gets a call again from that same girl. She gets shock to hear the news.

Episode end.