Sathya 15th March 2021 Written Update: Sathya is teasing Veerasingham

Sathya 15th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veerasingham disguises like Bhai and tries to enter inside the office. Security stops him. He enquires to Veerasingham who is he? Why did he trying to sneak inside the office. Veerasingham says to him that he has ayurvedha smoke with him. If office staffs smell it then their brain will works faster. Security says to him that its office not market to allow him. Ramesh comes there and enquires him what’s going on? Security informs to him that this Bhai trying to sneak inside the office. Ramesh asks Security to sends him away. Veerasingham asks Ramesh to speak with him for two minutes. Ramesh and Veerasingham moves away to talk privately. Veerasingham informs to him that he wants to go inside the office so clears the security. Ramesh asks Security to allow him inside. Veerasingham makes him smell the smoke and enters inside the office. He is creating smoke inorder to divert everyone attention. He notices two office staffs are standing infront of Prabhu’s cabin so he places the painting in Ramesh’s table and leaves from there. Ramesh notices the painting in his table and calls to Veerasingham. He informs to him that he found the painting in his table. Veerasingham replies to him that he placed it there. He saw two staffs are standing infront of Prabhu’s cabin so he can’t able to go inside to place it. He asks Ramesh to places it inside the Prabhu’s cabin. He replies to him that he can’t able to do it reasoning Sathya already beaten him for it.

Veerasingham threatening Ramesh if he fails to do it then he will fire him from his job. Ramesh agrees to do it. Just then Sathya calls him and says to him that she forgave him after he assured to her that he will be change himself. He will never supports the wrong things then why did he trying to help Veerasingham? She asks Anitha to do it. So give that painting back to her or else she will fire him from his job. Ramesh thinks that both are waiting eagerly to fire him from his job. Its better to return the painting to him orelse Sathya will beat him. Anitha questions to Veerasingham did he placed the painting back to his cabin? He replies to him that he asked Ramesh to do it. Ramesh comes there and returns the painting to him. He gives the phone to Veerasingham. Sathya is on call she asks him to put phone in speaker. Sathya warns to Anitha that she must place it back to its place orelse she will inform everything to Prabhu. Anitha gets frustrate to hear it. She asks to Veersingham how will she place it inside Prabhu’s cabin? Veerasingham gives an idea to Anitha.

Veerasingham disguises like Muslim girl even Anitha is wearing fardha. Anitha questions Veersingham will they get caught? Veerasingham assures to her it won’t happen. Security stops them and enquires them. Veerasingham lies to him that they are here to meet Prabhu. He asks them to show their face and go inside. Veerasingham says to him that they shouldn’t show their face to other man except their husband. One of the gents staffs notices them and allows them to go inside. He is keep staring Veerasingham thinking her as woman. Veerasingham complaints to Anitha that he is staring him in wrong way he can’t able to digest his look. Anitha says to him behave like man. Anitha gets an idea so she asks Veerasingham to takes him out she will place the painting back to its place in nick of time. Veerasingham takes him outside. Anitha uses this chance and place the painting inside Prabhu’s cabin. Veerasingham comes there and questions Anitha what happened?

Anitha informs to him she placed it in Prabhu’s cabin. Security comes there with Cake. Seeing cake Veerasingham starts drooling. Anitha asks him to leave but he didn’t. He takes the cake and starts eating it in hurry. Anitha and Veerasingham reaches to home. They notices Sathya there. She questions them Is their job done in office. Veerasingham tells to Sathya proudly none can able to find them. Sathya sends the video to Veerasingham where he ate cake infront of camera. He pleads her to delete it. Sathya smirks at him.

Episode end.

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