Sathya 15th October 2020 Written Update: Kathir married Soumya

Sathya 15th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sadashivam standing there blank Nirmala comes there angrily and shout on him for destroying Soumya life. She blames his ego is the reason for her state. He supported a lot for his friend Kumaravelu but look at his real face what will we do?

Sadashivam replies to her how comes he know about his this face and business. He trusted him a lot because he is his good friend but he betrayed him. If he know his family is worst then he never ever think to take alliance from his side. Prabhu ask him to stop badmouthing his family. Dinesh done wrong that doesn’t mean his whole family is like that. Sadashivam ask to him then why did he kept quiet till when police arrested him he was quiet?

Prabhu replies to him that Kumaravelu done wrong so he wish he should be punished that’s why he was silent on that time. Sadashivam says to him whatever it is now his daughter life is an question mark. Prabhu replies to him that he will solve this problem because his family is the reason for this state. He will ask his grandson to marry Soumya. Everyone shocks to hear it. Kathir deny it. Prabhu ask to him to agree it orelse he will allow Dinesh to marry her. Kathir again deny it. Prabhu complaint to Sathya.

Sathya shouts on Kathir by saying Darlu saying this much why are you not agree to marry her. He whispered to Sathya that Sadashivam is standing silent there so ask him to plead him. Sathya agree with it. She says to Sadashivam we are trying hard to make him agree it but you are simply standing there without pleading. Sadashivam replies to her that he is not agreeing so.

Sathya says to him he is doing crores turn over an year then you must plead him more to agree to marry her. Sadashivam starts to plead him but he deny it. Sathya glares him he gulps and agree to marry her with one condition that he wish Sathya and Prabhu must give thaali to him for marriage they agreed. Everyone got happy hearing it. Kathir sits beside Soumya. As he request Sathya and Prabhu give thaali to him with their hand. He tie the knot around her. Police entered into mandap

Police ask to Sadashivam where is his son in law Dinesh he wanna arrest him. He replies to him his son in law is not Dinesh. He informs to him that Already police arrested them. He replies to him that he is handling their case then whom arrested them. Kaali entered into mandap and says he done it. Inspector says to him he is an rowdy and lending monety to all but wearing police uniform and cheating others is offence.

Kaali teased the police that always cop gives late entry in cinema but in serial also its very bad. He tried to reason them that he saved Soumya life from Dinesh.  Sadashivam question him why did he pretend like police. He replies to him that he saved his daughter life so he must thank him instead of this.

Police ask to him where is  them. His assisstant bring both of them there. He ask to  police to arrest the Kaali for pretending like police. He replies to him they came to arrest him not Kaali. He ask to him in return what did he done? He said they are dealing Brown sugar. He ask to him does he has evidence against him. He nods as yes. Prabhu stare Sathya she nods positively.