Sathya 16th February 2021 Written Update: Prabhu’s confession to unconscious Sathya

Sathya 16th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu is waiting outside Sathya’s ward. Doctor is treating her. Janaki and her grandma arrives to hospital. They enquires to receptionist and rushes towards the room. Janaki questions Prabhu what happened to Sathya how is she? Prabhu is standing there helplessly. He points Sathya’s ward and stays there in tears. Sathya’s brothers reaches the hospital and rushes towards the ward.

Seeing them Janaki questions them how did Sathya met with an accident? Makan replies to her that he has no idea, she used to drive carefully. Indhumathi and her family reaches there in rush and pouring questions to Prabhu about Sathya’s state. He is standing there in tears. Indhumathi crying seeing Sathya through glass door.

Sadhasivam comes down and says to Anitha. Let’s go to hospital orelse they will misunderstands them. Anitha replies to him that he is right. if he never shows up there then they will easily finds out their truth. Sadashivam questions her what’s truth? Anitha says to him that Sadashivam sends goon to kill Sathya.

Sadashivam gets shocks and says to her that he didn’t send anyone to kill her. Anitha questions him then why did he said that he gonna finish her. Sadhasivam replies that he wishes to create bad image for her infront of Prabhu. He never go to this extreme for her. Anitha goes out with him. Veerasingham questions Saravanan in doubt reasoning he saw the terrace matter. Saravanan swears to him that he has no connection with it.

Anitha reaches to hospital and pretends like consoling Prabhu. Doctor informs to Prabhu that Sathya lost many blood so she is in critical situation now. He can able to say anything tomorrow. Prabhu goes in and starts cries seeing her state. He holds her hand and asks her to come back. He says that he used to keep distance with her first, but she is going far away from him, when he is trying to get close with her. Indhumathi blames Prabhu for ignoring her feelings on him and treated her like a friend.

Indhumathi complaints that she is giving punishment to him for ignoring her true love. She ads that slum peoples are waiting to see her because they loves Sathya a lot, but she only loves Prabhu. Indhumathi clears with him that he must bring back Sathya to her, orelse she will consider him as death. Everyone leaves from there but Prabhu keeps crying while holding Sathya hand.

Episode end.