Sathya 16th January 2021 Written Update: The election commission restricts Raasathi to stand in the election

Sathya 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Punitha and Kaviyan dancing for the song ” vaadi jilla kedi song” Iniyan and Raasathi dancing for a song ” Raasathi raasathi pokathe song”. Her sister and her daughter dancing for a song ” kalavani song”. Azhagar and his wife dancing for a song ” Kattu kattu” Sathya and Prabhu dance for a song ” paathu paathu vaanam paathu”. Finally Sasi dance for a song ” single pasanga song”. Everyone joins with him.

Kanmani informing to her aunty that her election symbol announced. She got suitcase symbol. She is silent and ask about Raasathi symbol? She replies as light. She says its the lucky symbol. We wanna get money in suitcase then everything will be in our way. Raasathi got in her level. Her area peoples comes there to see her and praise her to get money from her. She thank them and gives less amount to them. Kanmani persuade her to bring 20 thousand to them. She informs to her they need people support for that we might give money to them. Kanmani mom get commission from those people.

Iniyan sharing the happy news to Raasathi. Prabhu congratulated her. Azhagar says this light symbol indirectly saying that Raasathi gonna give light to them. One man comes there and ask them to start their speech from their area. Sathya ask to him where is her aunty gonna start the speech. He informs to her Prabhu gives money to him but he deny it and says that they wish to see Raasathi as chairman because they wanna see their place developing.

Iniyan and Raasathi searching for Sathya and Prabhu. But they go to one place. Seeing them peoples gathered there and asking Sathya well about? Sathya informs to them Raasathi is standing in election so make her win the election. They agree to her. Prabhu says that she is mass in this village too. Maragatham and Kanmani go to village for speech. Kanmani giving speech and offering too much things.

Kanamani is giving notice to the crowd while Maragatham giving speech to them. Sathya comes there someone notice her and runs towards her pushing Kanmani and her mom down in mud. Kanmani says that she will bribe all and win in this election. People talking with Sathya. She goes near Maragatham and says to her that she helped them one time still they remember her then she can imagine how Raasathi gonna win against her. Maragatham leaves from there by saying she will win the election. Sathya ask the people to vote for Raasathi.

Kanmani and Maragatham are waiting for Kaanchana. Maragatham ask her to do something she wanna win the election. She assures to them that she will take care of Sathya and Raasathi and leaves. One guy delivaring rice packet to house in the name of Raasathi send her. Someone ask to him did she bribing them? Next day Raasathi giving speech election commission comes there to arrest Raasathi for bribing people.

Episode end.