Sathya 16th March 2021 Written Update: Prabhu sighs in relief

Sathya 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya questions Veerasingham how is he so confident in this matter? Veerasingham replies to her that he disguised well so none can able to recognize him. Sathya sends one video to Veerasingham he gets shock to see him in that. Its clearly recorded where he ate cake removing the face mask. Sathya says to Veerasingham its better to go straighly there instead of wearing Fardha.

Anitha bangs on Veerasingham head for his blunderness. Veerasingham pleads to Sathya to delete it thinking him as her brother. She nods negatively He holds her hand asks her to think him touching her feet then forgive him. Sathya shows her leg to him then adds her leg is here then why did he imagine her hand as leg? Veerasingham says to her if elder people falls on Younger one their life time will be less. Sathya replies to him that she don’t mind it. She says to him that his life going to end in few minutes. Veerasingham says to her that he didn’t fall on her feet then how? Sathya informs to him that he ate the cake in office which mixed with poison to kill Rat.

Sathya alerts Veerasingham if he fails to go to hospital in 2 minutes then everyone dance infront of his dead body. Sathya dances infront of him and leaves from there. Anitha scolds Veerasingham for eating everything. She takes him to hospital before anything happen to him. Selvi is cooking in kitchen. She is thinking about Saravana. Selvi’s mom comes there. She enquires her why is she here? She asks Selvi to come home early today.

Selvi questions her what’s the reason? She replies to him that her relation’s son is in his marriage age. His uncle is searching girl for him. Her relation gave Selvi photo to him. He liked Selvi a lot. They are coming today to see Selvi. Selvi gets shock to hear it. She says to her mom that she is not interested to marry anyone one. Her mom says to her its an good oppurtunity. He is good one if she miss this then its hard to get another one. Selvi refuses to marry him. She asks her mom to stop finding boy for her. Selvi’s mom scolds Selvi and leaves from there. Selvi takes out the sarie which gifted by Saravana. She wishes to wear it but later change her mind.

Sathya is praying to her father to help her drawing a new painting. She prays to him that she wants to draw what exactly in her heart. She starts painting it. She paints one little boy holding Prabhu and Sathya’s hand. She draws Prabhu’s face to it. Indhumathi comes there and questions Sathya why is she painting new one? She replies to her that she wishes to gift this painting to him when he is going to gift her.

Indhumathi praises her painting and informs to her that Prabhu looks exactly like this in his childhood days. Prabhu is driving the car in mood off. Sasi questions him why is he looking dull. He asks him to believe in his true love. He will get back his painting. Prabhu is not believing him at all. Sasi tells him to drive back to office his painting will be there. Prabhu drives to there and notices his painting on table. He feels emotional seeing it. Prabhu doubts Sasi did this all. Sasi swear to him that he didn’t do it. Prabhu starts to dream how to impress Sathya in Agra.

Saravanan asks Selvi to cook pathiyam food to him reasoning his prayer didn’t accepted by god. So he is going to pray hard. Selvi agrees to cook for him. Saravana gets disappoints when Selvi is not confessing her feelings to him yet. Sathya is waiting for Prabhu. She imagines how will he gift her this? Prabhu comes there with empty handed. Sathya questions him why didn’t he bring anything to surprise her? Prabhu informs to her that big surprise is waiting for her in Agra.

Episode end.