Sathya 16th October 2020 Written Update: Sadashivam faint due to chest pain

Sathya 16th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode start with Kumaravelu asking to Kaali Is he has evidence against him? Kaali reply to him who will come to arrest him without proper evidence? He ask Inspector to show it to him. In that video clearly showing Dinesh taking drugs and Sathya and Prabhu talking to him. Kumaravelu saying to them that he taught him how to deal brown sugar. No one will believe him doing this business. He scold Dinesh for fall into their trap. Sadashivam and his family shocked to hear it.

Kaali tickled Kumaravelu and says his what’s running on his mind voice. He burnt the pendrive in fire then how comes we got this evidence right? He nods. Only pendrive burnt in fire not the main camera which fixed in upper. He ask inspector to take them away. Kaali about to go Sadashivam stop him and ask to him why did he came here and stopped this marriage whom asked him to do this all ? Kaali replies to him that he will help the needy people without thinking but when his favourite sister ask him to do a favour to him how will he say no to her?

Sadashivam ask to him who is his sister? He goes to the stage to reply him. Sadashivam ask to him Is sathya his sister? He praised his brain and says to him he has sharp mind he caught him soon. He asked Sathya to remove the wig and show it to him. Sathya smiles nervously and remove the wig. They got shocked seeing her. Sathya smiled to manage it. He ask to him them who is this groom. Kaali ask to him to show his real face to them. They got shocked to see Kathir there.

Even his mom and sister too. Sadashivam got angry and about to slap Sathya. Kaali stops him and warn him don’t he dare to raise his hand on her. She dona a good thing to him. She actually saved his daughter life from that Dinesh instead of thanking her why are you getting angry?

He says to him if she married to Dinesh then his prestige and name will be spoiled she saved it actually. Sathya replies to him that she atleast made her married to future collector. Sadashivam dials to Prabhu to inform it. Kaali makes fun of him and said Prabhu is Singaram both are same. He removed his disguise. Sadashivam hold his chest and faint.

Doctor checking Sadashivam and says to them nothing to worry its just Bp problem it went high that’s why he fainted if he take rest everything will be alright. Prabhu and Sathya moves from there. Anitha is busy in talking with Indhumathi. Sathya inform to Indhumathi that Soumya and Kathir coming to our house after worshipping in temple.

Indhumathi leaves to take arathi. Anitha got angry and wish to spoil it. She tries her best to stop Indhumathi but went in vain. Kathir and Soumya reach there. Her family welcome them. Indhumathi ask Sathya to take arathi of them. She lighten the comphor and about to take arathi of them but Anitha pushed that down.