Sathya 17th February 2021 Written Update: Vinoth hires a goon to kill Sathya in the hospital

Sathya 17th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu is staring Sathya emotionally, recollecting his happy moments with Sathya. He cries seeing her condition. Kuberan and Maggi are waiting in reception to get an appointment with the Doctor. Prabhu comes there to pay the bill. He gives his card to the receptionist. He hears Kuberan name and misunderstands that Kuberan whom did the accident to Sathya. He shouts his name.

Kuberan questions Prabhu Is he doubting how comes he is out of the jail now. He says he used his money to get out of the Jail. He teases him that we can buy anything from money. Prabhu holds his collar and questions him how dare he to come here after he tried to kill Sathya.

Kuberan gets shock and tries to clear with him that he is innocent he has no idea about it. Sasi comes there and sees them in fighting mode. Prabhu says to Sasi that Kuberan planned this accident. Kuberan replies to him that Sathya has many enemies because of her good character. They may tried to kill her so go and hold their collar instead of him.

Maggi says to Prabhu that they used to cheat others for money but never go to this extreme to kill anyone. Kuberan says to him that he is lacking the money to solve his current cases than how will he poke his head in another case. Sasi kind of understand him and release Kuberan from Prabhu’s grip. Prabhu warns him, if he comes to know he is behind it then he will dig Kuberan’s grave. Maggi questions Kuberan Is he behind this all? He denies it and tries to explain to her that Prabhu is in a helpless state so he is suspecting all.

Goons saying to their head that Sathya is in critical situation. Doctor gives 12 hours time for her. Vinoth slaps his henchman for not doing their work properly. Vinoth asks him to kill Sathya in the hospital. Goons leaves from there. Slum peoples are creating mess in hospital to meet Sathya. One nurse noticing this all. Saravana is waiting for Selvi in house. He wishes to lock Selvi at any cost using everyone absence in the house. Selvi comes there.

Saravana asks Selvi to bring dried grapes for him to his room. Selvi reminds Sathya of advice. Selvi gives the grapes to him. Saravana forcing Selvi to comes in. Selvi mom comes there. Selvi rushes towards her. She takes her to the hospital reasoning Sathya’s accident. Saravan gets irritate seeing her reaction.

Anitha asks to Sadhasivam that Sathya won’t return alive then why should they waits for her? Veerasingham replies to her that they wanna pretends to be worry for her orelse everyone will doubts them. Anitha praises him. Indhumathi appologizes to Janaki for scolding Prabhu. She replies to her that she can understand her love on Sathya.

Nurse informs to all that only 2 persons are allowed to stay near ward. Sadhashivam leaves first with his family. Then Indhumathi leaves. Prabhu and Sasi are waiting outside the ward and Kathir and his friends in reception. Slum peoples are waiting outside the hospital to see Sathya.

Episode end.