Sathya 17th July 2021 Written Update: Sathya fights with goons.

Sathya 17th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya cries thinking about Prabhu. Just then Prabhu comes there Sathya stops him and questions Prabhu why is he doing like this? He says to her he didn’t done anything. Sathya tells him that she knew everything don’t try to hide it from her. She saw him doing Angapradarshanam in salt for her. She asks him to remove his shirt he deny it. She forcefully remove his shirt and gets shock to see the bruise on his body. She starts crying and apologies to him.

Prabhu tells her its just small things he is happy to do this for her. Doesn’t he allowed to do this for her? Sathya says to him that Saranya was in danger that’s why she went to save her. She knew well she not only hurt his body but also his heart too. Prabhu says to her stop crying he knew well it’s hard for her to change herself out of the blue. She can do whatever she wants he won’t stop her or scold her any more. Sathya assures to him hereafter she will listen to his words. She will obey him in everything. Both sits on bed. Sathya asks him to say what’s in his mind she will do it.

Prabhu asks her to leave her anger and stops throwing herself into danger. It’s good thing helping others but she shouldn’t hurt herself for it. She might stay in house and take rest. Sathya assures to him that she won’t fight with anyone and take rest in home. She won’t poke her head in unnecessary problems too. Is he happy now? Prabhu says to her he will be more happy if she tie this safety thread in her hand. Sathya says to him that she is even ready to keep the promise why don’t she wear it. He tells her that she shouldn’t fight with anyone till its on her hand.

Sathya nods to him. Indhumathi enquires about Sathya health and advises to her that it’s good she saved Saranya from danger but she might careful. She didn’t get periods yet so she may be expecting soon so she should be careful. Sathya shares to her what did Prabhu done to her. Veerasingham hears it and thinks Sathya won’t fight with goons till that rope in her hand. He wishes to use this chance to hurt her. Veerasingham meets with goons and orders them to fight with Sathya. He hides seeing Sathya coming there.

Good stops Sathya. She questions them which area they are from? They are surrounding her to beat her. She asks them to stop joking. They are pretending like goons. They starts attack her but she escapes from all. Prabhu calls to her she shares the location with him when he asked her to meet her. One beaten her she starts bleeding. Prabhu reaches there and gets shocks to see her bleeding. Sathya narrates to him what happened there. He takes her to hospital. Indhumathi comes there to too. Doctor informs to them nothing to worry she is alright. Indhumathi shares to doctor she looks like Tom boy so all are doubting Is she capable to give birth to baby? Doctor checks her thoroughly and informs to them she is perfectly fine she is capable to give birth to twins also.

They gets happy and leaves. Sathya notices Veerasingham and asks him to narrate to. Audience what happened there. After goons beaten her she alerted then she won’t fight with them till the rope is on her hand. They removed it so she showed black and blue to them. Sathya warns Veerasingham to be careful near her or else she will cut his tail. Prabhu takes Sathya to temple she notices one preganant lady there. She advises to take someone with her when she go out. Prabhu and Sathya notices that lady gets delivery pain. They gets panic to see her.

Episode end.