Sathya 17th June 2021 Written Update: Sujatha lashes out at Sasi

Sathya 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu questions Indhumathi doesn’t she asked him to talk with her alone? Then why is she keeping silent here? Indhumathi shares to him she has no idea how to open up with him how will he take this to his heart? Prabhu asks her to say it without hesitation. Indhumathi tells him he got his love recently he was being close with Sathya and leading a happy life with her.

Prabhu smiles to think about it. Indhumathi adds that she don’t feel good Divya staying in this house with them. She fears something wrong will happen here. Prabhu questions her what’s bothering her? Indhumathi questions him doesn’t he understand what she meant? She says to him clearly that Prabhu loved Divya. He didn’t accepted Sathya and made her suffer a lot because Divya was in his heart on that time. She knew well how much hard he tried to forget her. Now Divya returned to their house and gonna stay with them. What if he see her daily she fears something will disturb him again.

Prabhu questions her doesn’t she trust her son? Indhumathi deny it. Prabhu says he can understands her well she don’t believe him at all. Indhumathi asks Prabhu to send Divya from this house reasoning she fears the worst. She can’t able say this to her because Divya is Sathya’s sister. What if Sathya get hurt by this?

Prabhu says to her he can understand her fear but nothing is there to worry. He says to Indhumathi clearly that he understood his love on Sathya. Only Sathya is there in his life till he die. He knew well none can love him the way Sathya do! In her life everything after Prabhu only. How will he leave her. He assures to his mom that he won’t betray Sathya in his dreams too. Indhumathi says if he is confident nothing is there to worry but she has no idea what’s in Divya’s mind.

Prabhu tells her even Divya wanna see Sathya leading a happy life. Sasi and Selvi are boiling the milk in their new house. Mandapoona, Panga mandayan, Makan are there too. Sasi and Selvi are busy in staring each other. Makan gang notices it and shouts as “Pongalo pongal”. Sasi gets distract and says to them they should shout like that in pongal time. Selvi says to him milk flowed out in south side its a good sign. She asks him to accompany her to do Pooja. Everyone are standing near pooja room to do Pooja.

Selvi brings milk to all after pooja. Makan questions Selvi where is Sathya? She informs to them Sathya asked her to do the pooja first don’t wait for her. She will reach here soon. Mandapoona questions Selvi Is she like the house? Is it comfortable for her? Sasi and Selvi thank them for fixing a good house for them. Mandapoona asks them to thank Sathya then reasoning she selected this.

Sasi gets a phone call from Jega he informs to him that Sujatha falls sick. Sasi informs it to Selvi and asks her to accompany him. She hesitates to go there reasoning they will badmouth her. Sasi asks Selvi to forget everything and accompany him. He assures to her everything will be alright. Sujatha refuses to drink the milk. Her husband convinces her and make her drink it. Sujatha notices Sasi there and questions him why is he here taking Selvi with him? Doesn’t she asked him to don’t show his face to her? Sasi questions her how will he stays back when she is sick? Sujatha says to him he is not even allowed to attend her funeral.

Episode end