Sathya 17th October 2020 Written Update: Indhumathi slapped Anitha

Sathya 17th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Indhumathi ask Sathya to take Arathi of Kathir and Soumya. Indhumathi lighten the comphor Sathya about to take the arathi Anitha pushed it away. Everyone got shocked to see it. Prabhu ask to her what is this? She ask him to shut his mouth. She says to them he is already slum and he wanna turns her house also slum?

They tries to stop her but went in vain. She says to them Sadashivam is still in unconscious state but none care about it and welcoming this slum. She won’t allow them in till Sadashivam open his eyes. She ask to Soumya Didn’t she choose this slum boy as her husband then what’s the need to come here?

Doesn’t she has shame to place her foot here? She pushed Soumya down. Frustrated Indhumathi slapped Anitha and shouts on her. How dare she to cross her limit she warns her to stay quiet. She says to her that she is doing too much in her father absence. Indhumathi ask her to go in orelse she will slap her again. Anitha moves in without option. Indhumathi ask Sathya to take Arathi of them. She took it.

Nirmala ask her to lighten the vilakku in pooja room. They took blessing from them. Kathir ask to her about Sadashivam state to Nirmala. She replies to him that he is still unconscious. Kathir mom advise him to go and check him. Kathir and Soumya go to see Sadashivam. Soumya cries seeing her father and goes down.

When they reach down, Sathya bring Banana and Milk for them to do the rituals. Seeing it Indhumathi remember Sathya and Prabhu doing the rituals after their marriage. Sathya hesitate to eat the banana. Nirmala tease her that she is shy but Sathya deny it and says to them she don’t like banana and ask to them to give weird fruit to them.

Prabhu ask to Indhumathi why did she smiling. She replies to them that she remembered the post-marriage rituals of Sathya and Prabhu. They too join with her laughing. Indhumathi ask to Kathir will he also behave like Sathya. They done their rituals by feeding each other Banana and drink half of the milk.

Priest come there to fix the muhurth for their First night. Nirmala ask to her Is it need here? Indhmathi replies to her everything must happen at the right time she will talk with Sadashivam. Kathir mom and sister leave reasoning they wanna prepare everything because its an unexpected marriage.

Kathir and Soumya go to Sathya room and thank them for their support. Sathya replies to her its their responsibility to do it. She advise to Kathir Sadashivam will do anything to him so be prepare to face him. Don’t behave harshly just wait patiently till he accept them. Sathya take them down to take dinner. Nirmala serving to Kathir and Soumya and family members are teasing them. Sadashivam wake up and listening their conversation.