Sathya 17th September 2020 Written Update: Soumya got well

Sathya 17th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kathir calls to Sathya and inform to her that he saw everyone left from hospital shall he come to meet Soumya . Sathya replies to him still Nirmala is with her she will send her away and inform to him and disconnect the call. Sathya gently starts the conversation with her and  tells her to have something . She deny it by saying she is not hungry .

 Sathya says if she didn’t eat anything she will loss her energy then how did she stays with Soumya. Nirmala ask Sathya to go and eat first . Sathya deny it and ask her to go time is running out. Nirmala stare her in confusion. Sathya explains to her that canteen will be closed so she should have food  before itself. She agrees and go to canteen .

Sathya inform to Kathir . He coming to ICU while he see Nirmala coming opposite to him so he hides himself and leaves after Nirmala crossed him. Kathir comes near Sathya . She ask him to meet her soon he has only 10 minutes time so he should finish all before Nirmala come back. He nods and turns back to go in but shocked to see Nirmala there. She blocked him and ask to Sathya this is the reason she forced her to go to canteen , she suspected her intention that’s why came back to check .

Sathya apologize to her and explain to her that she tries to help Soumya. Nirmala says he is the reason for her state then how could you allow him in  . Sathya deny it and blame Sadashivam for the reason . Nirmala stare her confused. Sathya explains to her that Sadashivam ego and prestige is the soul reason behind Soumya current state , he is thinking its better to Soumya die then lossing his prestige . He is giving importance to his ego then her wish.

Kathir trysting that if he talk with Soumya then she will be better. Now decision is in Nirmala hand she should choose Soumya life or prestige . When she is silent Sathya ask Kathir to go . He stays there silent , she shouts on him to go. Nirmala stops him and ask to meet Soumya. He got happy and entered in.

He got emotional seeing her state , he hold her hand and apologized to her for his wrong doing. Then he placed Thirunoor on her temple then Vermillion. He takes out her nuptial chain and placed the vermillion on it . Sadashivam reached the hospital and shouts on Nirmala . They got shocked seeing him there.  Sadashivam ask to her why did she sitting outside instead of beside Soumya. They blinks .

Sadashivam ask to them who is with Soumya . They hesitate to reply , Sadashivam got doubt whether Kathir is inside . Nirmala lies to him that doctor is checking her . He didn’t believe her words and go in. Kathir wearing doctor uniform and mask , he acts like checking Soumya pulse . He about to turn him Dean comes there and stops him. He ask him to go out not disturbing the doctor. He shouts on Sadashivam why didn’t he leave yet. Only two ladies are allowed here. Sadashivam leaves from there without option.

Kathir hold Soumya hand emotionally and apologized to her for his wrong doings. He admit that he shouldn’t ask her to remove the nuptial chain. Now Sathya came to know that they got married so she won’t allow them to separate. 4

His tears fall on her hand. Her hands shakes a little and hold his hands back. Kathir shouts Sathya name. They came running there . He informed to them that Somya got conscious. Sathya bring the doctor there she checks her pulse and says she is normal now nothing to worry. Nirmala thanked him for his help.

Sathya and Kathir got shocked hearing it . Nirmala ask him not to come into Soumya life again because she scared of Sadashivam he will do anything to get what he wants.