Sathya 18th February 2021 Written Update: Prabhu saves Sathya

Sathya 18th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sadashivam, Anitha and Saravanan are sitting in dining to take dinner. He complaints on delivery boy for delivering it late. Everyone starts eating the biriyani. Indhumathi and others reaches to home. Security enquires to Vignesh about Sathya’s health.

Vignesh informs to him that doctor will say it tomorrow. Indhumathi notices that Anitha and trio are eating silently. She wishes to scold them but Vignesh stops her by saying they won’t change. Indhumathi release his hand and goes near them. She insults them for eating in such critical situation.

Indhumathi questions Anitha doesn’t has shame to eat like this when Sathya fighting for her breath. She reminds her that Sathya saved her from Kuberan. She mentions them as evils and leaves from there. She says to Selvi till Sathya comes back doesn’t dare to cook anything in the house. Veerasingham complains then how will he eat? Anitha and Sadashivam are staring at him in weird faces.

Prabhu is staring Sathya and remembering his moments with her. He is tearing thinking about her. Just then Sadashivam, Anitha and Veerasingham reaches to the hospital. Prabhu questions them why are they here? Sadashivam says to him that they are here to makes sure Prabhu takes something. He asks Prabhu to go and eat but he refuses to go.

Veerasingham forces him to go. The trio enters in and sees Sathya there. Sadashivam says that she played a lot in their lives. Veerasingham asks him to kill her. Anitha too agrees with it reasoning that she beat her with a whip. Sadashivam removes the oxygen mask. Anitha presses the pillow on her face. Sathya is suffering to take a breath. Indhumathi shouts in the dream effect. She prays to god for Sathya’s safety.

Slum peoples are waiting outside of hospital. Latha is adamant in her decision not to leave that place. She says clearly to her mom that she will never marry without Sathya. Goon comes to Sathya ward disguise as doctor. He enters into her room and notices Prabhu there. He asks him to leave.

Prabhu is waiting outside. Goon removes Sathya’s oxygen mask. She moans Prabhu’s name. He feels something strange. Sathya is fighting for breath. Prabhu enters in and tries to helps her but goon is stopping him. Prabhu fights with him and saves Sathya. Goon runs outside of the room. Prabhu smells it’s all preplanned.

Episode end.