Sathya 18th January 2021 Written Update: Nagaraja visit

Sathya 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sathya tying the jasmin flowers on her hand and says not only boys allowed to tie like this but she will also do this. Sathya about to go in with Milk but Raasathi sister in law stopped her and advise her to don’t walk like rowdy but behave like an girl show some blushness to him. Sathya replies she don’t know to blush. She ask her to try it orelse her first night won’t happen.

Sathya making funny faces. Raasathi and her sister smiles and send her inside the room after fed up. Sathya enters inside the room with milk. Prabhu is staring her lovingly background music going behind them. Sathya smells something bad. Prabhu ask him to controll himself. Prabhu informs informs to her that he sprayed Hit in room and splashed ant powder all side. Sathya says that he has less confident that’s why he is doing this all.

Prabhu replies nothing like that he don’t wanna see snake coming inside so he is doing this all. Sathya staring him lovingly and says that she wanna see him lossing his controll. Prabhu controlling himself. Sathya fall on his feet he deny it. Sathya gives milk to him. Prabhu deny it and thinks what if something mixed on it Sathya caught his mind voice. Prabhu lay on bed and Sathya too lay beside him.

Prabhu staring Sathya and sit on bed. Sathya noticing him and ask to him why did he get up? He replies to her that he is not getting sleep? Sathya says to him she knew well about the reason. Prabhu replies nothing like that. He don’t get sleep if light is on? She replies let’s off the light then. He deny it reasoning what if Snake comes here he can’t able to see it. Sathya question him did he expect snake to come here. He replies she is misunderstanding him.

Sathya pouts and sleep. Kullabootham thinking about first night and blabbering to himself for being single. Raasathi and Iniyan are discussing about Prabhu and Sathya. Last time they use snake name to arrange it. But this time they really hope snake will come. Snake comes there really.

Prabhu is thinking about Sathya and slipping from his concentration. He is staring Sathya when she about to wake up Prabhu pretend like reading book. Sathya finds him reading book rotated. Sathya guessed he done something and questioning him but he deny it. Sathya ask to him did he admired her sleeping? Prabhu thinking how did she find it out? Sathya questioning him why did he hesitating to accept it she is his wife.

Prabhu deny it and ask her to sleep. He starts to sleep. Both are checking each other did they slept or not? Snakes comes there and giving sound. Prabhu blames Sathya for it. Just then they notice see snake and he starts shivering. Sathya and Prabhu covers in bedsheet. Snakes leaves from there. Prabhu gets up and comes out of room and stay with Sasi leaving Sathya inside the room.

Next day Maragatham going to give speech. Kanmani mom slips down she takes it as bad omen. Raasathi got ready for speech. Sathya ask her to give interview to media with Prabhu. Raasathi ask to her why did she doing this? Sathya says her name got damaged so this interview will help her repair it. Sathya ask Azhagar and Sasi to announce it to everyone.

Episode end.