Sathya 18th June 2021 Written Update: Sujatha insults Selvi

Sathya 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sujatha stops Sasi from entering into her house and questions him why is he here? Doesn’t she warned him to don’t show his face to her? Sasi tells her how will he stay quiet when he came to know she falls sick. Sujatha says to him he is not even allowed to attend her funeral too. She asks him to leave from there without showing his face. His father complaints that Sujatha is in this state because of his secret marriage with Selvi. Sasi apologies to his father for married to Selvi. She pleads with him to forgive him.

Sujatha tells him she can’t able to see him married to her. Parents only wish is to witness their kids marriage but he snatched that rights from them. His father complaints that they can’t able to show their face outside because of his marriage. They didn’t even go out after his marriage. Sujatha badmouths on Selvi and insults her. Sujatha says to him clearly that she can’t able to forgive him in this birth. She asks him to leave from there. Sasi leaves from there along with Selvi. Makan convinces Selvi that they are still angry on them after some days they will forget everything soon. Mandapoona asks them to leave this matter here.

Prabhu is talking with someone in phone. Divya comes there to talk with Prabhu he notices her there and disconnects the call. Divya apologies to him for entering into his room without his permission. Divya questions him where is Sathya? He says she is downstairs. Divya asks him to say the truth if she questions him? Divya questions him how did he accepted sathya in his life after loved Divya. Prabhu says he didn’t expected this question from her. Prabhu says Sathya is his best friend he likes her a lot as a friend. He got so much pain when Sathya came to Divya’s place. Slowly slowly Sathya came to his heart.

Sathya met with an accident on that day he realized his true love on Sathya. Divya questions Prabhu what if she returned on his life before Sathya accident? Divya says to him she just teased him. Prabhu tells her his heart is weak so stop asking twisted questions to him. Prabhu says already god written on everyone head whom should paired up with. It’s not good to search an answer to the puzzle which is not gonna happen. Prabhu says to her he has no idea whether he will be this much happy if he married to Divya in his life.

Prabhu says to her that he is so happy after Sathya entered into his life. He is so happy with her and loving her so much. Divya says to him she is so happy after hearing it. She thought still Prabhu confused about his relationship with Sathya. Prabhu says to her its not a problem she is clear right that’s enough. Divya asks Prabhu to return the gift which she gifted to him reasoning it will disturb him. Prabhu says that one gift is there. He gives the ice craved gift to her. Divya reminds how did Sathya created it for Prabhu. Prabhu questions her Is she remember it?

Divya says to Prabhu that this is not her gift not Sathya. She created it Prabhu gets happy to hear it. Divya reveals to him that Sathya whom helped her to made it. Prabhu says that Sathya didn’t shared it to him yet. Divya says she has a good heart that’s why. Divya asks him to keep it safe. Prabhu appreciates her for revealing the truth to him and stares the gift emotionally.

Episode end.