Sathya 18th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya slapped Soumya

Sathya 18th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sadashivam wake up from unconscious state he heard how did everyone making fun with Soumya and serving to Kathir delicious food. He got angry hearing it he removed the trips from his hand and gets up from the bed angrily he rushed out of his room aiming at dining hall while buttoning his shirt. Here they are serving to Kathir and teasing him. Sadashivam comes there and pushed away the water in anger.

Everyone gets shock seeing him there Kathir and Soumya get up from their place. He shouted on his family how dare them to allow him inside after they cheated him badly. Prabhu tries to convince him but he stopped him. He blamed him and Sathya for betraying him. Prabhu says to him if they didn’t get her marry to Kathir then her life ended up with Dinesh who is an criminal. He agrees that but he couldn’t accept this marriage.

He says to them this Kathir even have no status to clean his cheppal is he his son in law. How will he introduce him to others he can’t even imagine that. Anitha and Veerasingham too reach there. He saya to Prbhu that he know that Sathya will do something like this but he never expected Prabhu too betray him in this way.

Prabhu says to him he has an valuable reason behind his behaviour he never ever try to betray him. He ask to him what was the reason? He says to him that Soumya already married Kathir secretly that’s why he played this drama to save their reputation if they didn’t do it now everyone might puts our head down infront of all.

Sadashivam turns to Soumya and says so she is the reason for everything by saying this he starts to slap her twicely. He couldn’t able to control his anger so he slapped her again Prabhu about to stop him but Sathya hold him back and signal him not to interfear. Nirmala stopped Sadashivam and says something will happen to her if he comtinuously slap her. Sadashivam replies to her its better to die then being alive like this to ruin his reputation.

If died when she took poison it won’t happen right? He warns to Soumya that she chose this slum boy over him. She done everything for him right so go with him don’t ever come back to this house. If he see her again he will kill both of them by saying he leaves from there.

Prabhu saying to Sathya he never thought Uncle will react like this? Sathya replies to him that she expected more from him its good that he left them with words actually she expected he will kick them out of the house by holding their neck. Soumya says to Sathya she will leave before that. Sathya ask to her why did she speaking like this?

Soumya replies to her that he looked down on Kathir and lash him out. He humiliated her husband so she wanna leave. Sathya slapped her twicely. Prabhu stops her and ask to her why did she doing this to her? Sathya says to him that she got married to him today only its hurting her when her dad humiliates him. What about her father whom raised her twenty years got humiliated infront of all. Is she thinking we will support her if she do anything.

She wish to slap her when she got to know that she married to Kathir secretly but she didn’t do it in the fear she will take an wrong step again. She ordered to her that she must bear all humiliation from her father and apologize to him. They are not allowed to go till he forgive them. Soumya apologized to her and leaves.

Prabhu praised Sathya for supporting Sadashivam even after he tortured her a lot. Sathya replies to him relation will fights often but shouldn’t take it on hearts always and move on with the love. Her dad taught her this. Prabhu stare her in admiring way. Sathya thinking in garden Sadashivam , Anitha and Veerasingham comes there.