Sathya 19th April 2021 Written Update: Prabhu helps Sathya to get ready beautifully

Sathya 19th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya pretends like to be sad. Prabhu comes there to accompany him to attend the reception! Starts stares him confused. Prabhu questions her doesn’t Indhumathi said anything to her? He says to her that one of his family friend reception is today. He might attend it with his family. He adds that Sathya needs change too. She is worrying a lot for Selvi’s death. He wants to see his old Sathya. Sathya thinks that Prabhu feeling bad for her. She wishes to confess all truth to him. Later she changes her mind. Sathya agrees to go with him. Prabhu questions her Is going like this? Sathya asks to him doesn’t she look good in it? Prabhu says to her that they are going to attend the reception. He moves to wardrobe. He takes one beautiful sarie and pass it to Sathya. He says to her that she will look beautiful in it. She smiles in return!

Sathya comes there wearing the Sarie. Prabhu notices her and praises it. But he feels something is missing in her. He makes her sit on bed. He removes her stead and makes her wear the ear ring. He adjusts her hairs. He places Bindi on her temple. He makes her wear the bangles. He puts Kajal to her eyes and at last applies lipstick on her lips. He asks Sathya to get up and adjusts her fleets. Starts admires him and takes dhristi of him. Prabhu asks Sathya to check in mirror. Prabhu praises her as ‘beautiful’. Sathya smiles to him.

Saravana comes to his parents room. Sadhasivam questions him doesn’t he coming with them? Nirmala says to him that she don’t like him going with them, reasoning many girls will come to attend the reception! If he creates any problems there then she will get hard time to face it. Saravana mentions her as ‘mom’. Nirmala says to him don’t mention her in that way. She felt ashamed to giving birth to a pervert! Sadhasivam asks Nirmala to stop scolding him, reasoning all men will be like Saravana in his age! Nirmala questions him Is he behaved too like Saravana? He asks her to leave the topic. Everyone comes down. Sathya notices Saravana is not accompany them. She wishes to give special gift to him at night!

Saravana is trying to sleep at night. He is hearing weird sound from his surroundings. He fears what’s that sound is? He looks around and goes down to check it. He hears the sound from Veerasingham’s room. He sigh in relief seeing the TV is on. He about to stop it but Veerasingham gets up from there covering himself with bed sheet. Saravana scolds him for scaring him. Veerasingham says to him that he stayed back to give company to Saravana. He pleads with him to turn off the TV. Veerasingham asks him to watch the horror movie along with him. Sathya reaches there and enters inside the house through back door. She notices them watching horror movie. Sathya disguises like ghost and crying there. Saravana and Veerasingham finds her there. He runs from there leaving Saravana alone. Sathya is scaring him from all side. Saravana pleads with her to leave him.

Episode end.