Sathya 19th February 2021 Written Update: Vinoth’s extreme Decision

Sathya 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu enters into Sathya room and witness Sathya is lack of breath. Prabhu asks the doctor to save Sathya. But he is not helping her. Prabhu understands that something is wrong. He tries to set the oxygen mask to Sathya but the goon not allowing him to do it. Prabhu fights with him and pushes him down.

Goon runs outside while Prabhu saving Sathya. Prabhu chases him and informs to Sasi about it. He says to Sasi that Inspector already warned him it’s not an accident but attempt to murder. Now he came to kill her. Who is behind this all? Sasi asks him to be more careful. Prabhu says to him that he wanna see whom trying to kill Sathya crossing him. Vinoth slaps the goon for missing an good oppurtunity.

Vinoth henchman says to Vinoth that we can’t enter into the hospital again it’s risk. Vinoth scolds him then how will he kill Sathya? He says to Vinoth that he has one more plan with him. He informs to Vinotha that he kidnapped Bhuvana husband. She is working in Sathya’s ICU ward. If we threaten her with her husband name then she will help us to finish Sathya.

Vinoth asks him to proceed it. Goon dials to Bhuvana and informs to her that he kidnapped her husband. If she needs him alive then kill Sathya. She deny it but he makes her agree with him. Bhuvana comes to Sathya’s ward. She about to inject Sathya but Prabhu stops her then enquires her. She uses Doctor name so he allows her to do it.

Vinoth is waiting for the nurse call. She informs to him everything. She assures to them that Sathya will die in 2 hours. Vinoth waits for 2 hours. But police reaches there and rescue Bhuvana’s husband. Vinoth and gangs escaped from there. Police brings him near Bhuvana. Prabhu narrates to him what happened in between.

Bhuvana hesitate to injects the poison to Sathya. She praises Prabhu and Sathya jodi and appreciates them. Then she says that she understands how much Sathya is good. She informs to him about the kidnapping incident. Prabhu assures to her that he will help her. Kathir follows Prabhu’s plan and saved Bhuvana’s husband. Vinoth feds up with his goons and decides to kill Sathya with his own hands.

Episode end.