Sathya 19th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya pranking Prabhu

Sathya 19th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Satha sitting in the garden thinking about the incident. Sadashivam, Anitha, and Veerasingham comes there and stands beside her glaring Sathya. She find them there and get up from the bench. Sadashivam ask to her how lethagically she is sitting here after back stabbed him.

 Sathya Apologize to him and says to him she didn’t done it intentionally situation made her take this step. Anitha replies to her don’t put up an act here they knew her cunning mind well. Sadashivam added that he knew she will do something to stop this marriage but he was quiet when he got to know that Kathir went to Delhi for exam.

He never expected he will be back and do this drama here. Sathya says to him that she done this for Soumya when she got to know about Soumya secret marriage she has no option then do this. Sadashivam says to her whatever she betrayed him being close with his family he will definitely gonna suffer for this mistake. He can’t able to forgive her for ruining his prestige. Sathya stare him blankly.

Prabhu comes to his room and gets shock to see the bunch of flowers and fruits there in bed. He thinks its all look like first night preparation. Today Kathir and Soumya first night gonna happen then why did these things were in his room.

He suspected Is Sathya done this all for their first night. He gulped seeing Sathya coming to their room with milk blushing. She closed the door and gives the milk to him. Prabhu ask to Sathya why did these flower and fruits are here? She replies to him for first night. Prabhu says to her that he is not ready to do this now he need time to set his mind.

Sathya suppress her laugh hearing him misunderstand the situation and wish to tease him. She blush to him and touched his neck sensualy while saying let’s do our first night in the same muhurth as Soumya’s we are staying far away. Let’s go close then see the reaction. Prabhu kind a losting in her. Sathya pretend like blushing. Prabhu takes bedsheet and pillow in his hand to escape from there but Sathya stops him and ask to Prabhu where is he going?

 He replies to her he is not ready to do it. Sathya laughs and says to him she just teased him Soumya room is cleaning by Kavitha so she placed the flowers in their room. He replies to her that he misunderstand it. Sathya says to him nothing will happen without his wish and leaves. Prabhu feels guilty for behaving like that with her.

Sathya and Kavitha bringing Soumya to her room while teasing her badly. Kavitha says to her that she always considered Soumya as Small girl but she dared to marry him secretly and fought for him. From this she learnt don’t trust anyone from appearance.

Sathya says to her she is not baby but she is in the age to give baby by saying they push her in. Kathir waiting for her in the room. He ask her to sit and says to her clearly he wanna be a collector first so let’s do this all later. Soumya agreed to him.

Sathya calling to Makan in phone. Anitha and Veerasingham listening to her. Sathya informs to them she is talking to Kathir family so don’t need to evesdrop it. One car stopped there Makan, Mandapoona, Kathir mom and sister gets down from it. Anitha and Veerasingham standing in the entrance. Kathir mom says to him that she don’t like them so she definitely insult them. Makan used watchman to scold Anitha.