Sathya 1st April 2021 Written Update: Dharma kidnaps Prabhu

Sathya 1st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saravana holds Selvi’s hand she starts feeling nervous. Saravana questions her why did her hand is so hot? Selvi releases her hand from him. Selvi says to him that she is not feeling good when he is near her. Saravana replies to her that he is her husband then why did she feeling in this way? Selvi says to him that she is uncomfortable here. Saravana says to her nothing to worry we can leave tomorrow.

Saravana asks to her doesn’t she feeling anything after seeing this decoration? These flowers’ smell and decorations are creating a different sensation in him. Selvi gets up from her place and says to him its wrong. He shouldn’t think like that reasoning they didn’t even say about their secret marriage to all. They already done mistakes by marrying secretly. Saravana says to her if they won’t marry then they won’t accept them in any situation. Selvi is feeling nervous when is he touching her. She says to him clearly we must wait till their family accepts them. Saravana gets angry on her though hides it from her.

Saravana tries his best to manipulate Selvi and go close with her. But Selvi stops him reasoning its wrong. Saravana says to her again that he is her husband. It an good muhurth day priest mentions it to him in temple. If we unite in this night then no one can able to seperate them. Selvi deny it. Saravana says to her if our first night is over then family has no other option then accepting them. Selvi is adamant in her decision. Saravana pretends like emotional and says to her that he can’t able to live without her. If she leaves him he will die.

Selvi closes his mouth and asks him to stop talking like this. Saravana uses this chance and kiss on her hands and tries to go close with her. Selvi gets up from her place and asks him to stop doing such things. Saravana thinks she won’t fall for his trick. He asks Selvi to drink milk. She deny it but he forces her. Saravana orders milk for them. The receptionist adds sleeping pills in one of the glass. Server boy signals to Saravana he understands it. He gives the milk to Selvi. She starts feeling dizzy there.

Saravana asks to Selvi are you sleepy? She nods. He asks her to sleep then. She about to sleep on floor. Saravana stops her and asks her to sleep on bed. She deny it. Saravana assures to her that he won’t touch her at all. She believes him and drift into sleep. Saravana smirks and switches off the light. Dharma is walking here and there in tension. His henchman comes there and informs to him that he found out, whom? done everything against him. Dharma asks to him who is that? He replies to him that Prabhu’s construction M.D Prabhu done it all.

Dharma questions him about how come he knew everything about him. He says to him that one spy is in our group. Dharma stares his henchmen one by one. All are giving the same expression so he is confused. He asks them to bring Prabhu here. He will take care of that spy later. All starts to leave from there except the spy. Dharma asks him doesn’t go? He nods and leaves from there. Dharma stares at him in confusion.

Selvi wakes up tiredly. She finds her dress is not in its position properly. She adjust her dress. She starts to search for Saravana in that room. But Saravana is no where in that room. She tries to call him but her mobile is also missing there. Selvi notices in mirror that her nuptial chain is missing in her neck and vermillion also vanished. She reminds about Saravana and runs out of the room. Goons alerts that Prabhu is coming. Prabhu and Sasi is running. Sasi complaints to him that Prabhu almost covered all places in Kodaikanal in the name of Jogging. Sasi says to him he can’t run anymore. Goons kidnaps Prabhu and takes him inside the car. Sasi notices him and runs behind the car.

Episode end..