Sathya 1st June 2021 Written Update: Selvi tries to commit suicide

Sathya 1st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saravana is waiting in his guest house for Selvi. His friend comes there and gives drinks and snacks to him. Saravana asks his friend to leave from there reasoning hereafter he can’t allow any other men in this house. Friend stays there and says to Saravana don’t mistake him. He is saying for his good he is doing wrong things now. He advises him to stop this and concentrate on his future. Saravana asks to him what is he trying to say? Friend says to him he used Selvi and betrayed her he is not complaining about that but now she got married so stop torturing her. He adds that Saravana already listed his face and name in this society then why did he trying to go behind her?

Just save his name atleast now. Saravana questions him how will he sit quiet? He lost his face and name because of Selvi. She slapped him with slipper in front of all. She ruined his life so he won’t allow her to live peacefully! Friend says to him he don’t whether Saravana is doing this all whether he understand it or not? He says to him he is going in wrong path. Saravana asks him to leave from there and buy drinks for him at night. He nods and leaves.

Sasi is lost in his thoughts. Sathya comes there and notices him standing there alone. Sathya mentions him as ” Kullabootham” and enquires him what’s he doing here? She realizes her mistakes and apologies to him for mentioning as Kullabootham. She says to him its hard to change the way calling him as Kullabootham. She will mention him as Sasi in front of his wife and Kullabootham when she is not around him. Sathya notices Sasi is quiet there! Sathya enquires to him what’s bothering him? Is he fight with Selvi? She complaints that she changed her mind morning only but he ruined her mood again.

Sasi says to Sathya she misunderstood Selvi it seems. She is not happy at all she is suffering a lot to forget the past. He went to check her after Sathya advises him. She was crying on that time but lied to him as head pain. He said to her he will buy medicine for her but she asked him to leave her alone. Sathya deny it reasoning she talked with her well morning how will she change in few minutes. Sasi assumes may Selvi accepted him without option. Sathya takes him to her room to talk with Selvi.

Selvi is crying thinking about the incident. Saravana is drinking in guest house while waiting for Selvi. Selvi decides to die. She set the clothes to hang on fan. Sathya comes there and knocks on the door. Hearing Sathya sound she pushes down the chair and suffocated to take breath. Sathya hear the sound and checks through the hole. She asks Sasi to open the door. He opens the door and finds Selvi attempts to suicide. Asthma saves her and questions her why did she done it? Selvi questions her why did she saved her? Sathya slapped her! Sasi says to Selvi he will die if anything happen to her.

Sathya questions her Is she married to him to see him die for her? She says Sasi is like god to her! Sathya asks her to say the reason behind her decision? Selvi confess all truth to Sathya. Sasi says Saravana should die for torturing her like this. Sathya says she should have visit him at his guest house. Sathya asks her to go there. Saravana waits for Selvi and put a toss to know whether she come or not? He gets shock to see the result!

Episode end