Sathya 20th April 2021 Written Update: Sadhasivam catches Sathya red-handed

Sathya 20th April 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sathya warns him that he will die with her hands. Saravana runs from there and opens the door. He starts shouting as ghost! Seeing his family members. Sadhasivam says to him that there is no ghost here. Sadhasivam asks Prabhu to check the main board. He leaves to check it. Sadhasivam doubts why did power cut here? Prabhu informs to him that someone turns off the main switch. Saravana complaints that Ghost done it. He Informs to them that Ghost is inside the room. He takes them to that room and finds Veerasingham inside it. Saravana asks him to say that ghost came after the power cut. He says to him ghost came before power cut. He asks him to say the truth instead of teasing him. Anitha asks Saravana to give respect to his uncle. He thinks that only Anitha can able to shout on him. Saravana complaints that ghost has no face. Veerasingham adds that Ghost has no face in movie. Everyone leaves from there after asks him to take rest.

Saravana questions him why did he lie to them? He informs to him that ghost threatens him to don’t say anything to them or else it will kill him. Prabhu notices Sathya is sleeping in her room. He questions her how is she feeling now? Starts lies to him that headache is still same. If she take rest then she will be alright! Prabhu asks her to take rest. Nirmala fears the worst. Sadhasivam asks him to stay away from the house for some days. Nirmala asks him to go back to foreign. Sadhasivam deny it and asks him to stay in guest house. He nods and leaves from there.

Saravana is drinking in his guest house. He asks one person to send one night stand to his guest house. He asks him to send the fresh one or else he will beat him to death. Saravana hears the song sound and gets scare. Sathya asks Selvi to turns towards Saravana. Selvi is pretending like singing ghost song for him. Saravana gets scare to see her there. She laughs at him. Saravana calls down in fear. Starts asks Selvi to leave assures to her that she will take care of him. Selvi asks her to be careful. Sathya asks her to leave with Makan. Someone knocks the door. Saravana doubts who is knocking ghost or girl? He opens the door and takes her inside. He tries to go close with her. She says to him that he is rushing up the things. She wants to sing first. He gives permission to her. She opens the veil and reveals the face to him. He gets scare to see her there. Starts starts beating him. Saravana runs from there in fear. Sathya thinks that he will definitely go back to house. She will deal with him there.

Saravana knocks the door. It’s open automatically. Sathya is standing there. He calls her as Selvi. Sathya scolds him for mentioning her in irrespective way. He questions her Is she sister in law? She says to him that she is sister in law to him after she married to Prabhu. She lashes out at him and leaves to her room. He moves to take food. He find the food is tasteless there. Sathya comes there and pretends like ghost. She asks him to eat the tasteless food. He deny it. Sathya smashes his head in food. Indhumathi and Sadhasivam comes there and questions her what’s she doing?

Episode end.