Sathya 21st April 2021 Written Update: Sathya makes everyone believes Selvi’s ghost possessed her

Sathya 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saravana eats the food and spits it out. He complaints this food is tasteless. Human won’t eat such tasteless food. Sathya talks in Selvi’s voice. She says to him doesn’t he love to eat such food for his love? Saravana looks around and finds Sathya there. He questions her doesn’t she go upstairs in front of him? Then how come she is here now? Sathya lies to him that she is not Sathya but Selvi. Saravana starts shivering seeing her. Sathya complaints that he love to eat this food though he pretends like hate it. She asks him to eat it. Saravana refuses to eat it. Sathya smashes his head on food plate and shouts on him to eat it. Indhumathi comes there and stops Sathya. Sathya thinks a way to escape from her. Sadhasivam too comes there. He questions the same? What is she doing here? He says to Saravana that Sathya pretends like ghost to scare him.

Saravana gets up from there and says to him that he misunderstood that she is ghost. Sadhasivam alerts him that Sathya trying to scare him. Sathya talks in Selvi voice and says to him that she is Selvi not Sathya. Sadhasivam asks her to stop acting. Saravana stands there without fear so Sathya pushes him down and starts to strangle his neck. She says to him that she is a real ghost. She came here to kill him. Everyone tries to stop her. While Indhumathi touching her she pretends like innocent there. She says to her that she don’t know why she is here? Anitha and Veerasingham too reaches there. Anitha says to them that Sathya is acting.

Prabhu comes there and doubts what is going there. Sathya turns towards Anitha and says to her that all are supporting this pervert. Everyone killed her so she needs justice for her death. Prabhu touches her. She pretends like innocent again. She questions him why is she here instead of their room. Prabhu is not understanding anything. Nirmala says to Indhumathi that she has no idea what is going on here? Sathya goes near her and says that she knew well what’s going on here though she pretending like no nothing! Sathya questions her if she has wetness in her heart, then say the truth that her son done the mistake. She done injustice to her for her son’s mistake. She shouts that Saravana’s death will be in her hand. She repeats it and faints down. Prabhu tries to wake her up. He asks everyone to leave from there. He wakes her up and takes her to his room.

Both reaches to their room. Prabhu questions her doesn’t she slept in his room then how come she was there? Sathya pretends like innocent and says in Selvi’s voice that she took her down. Prabhu gets doubt. He mentions her as ‘ Sathya’. Sathya talks to him casually. He questions her doesn’t she talk with him like Selvi? Sathya talks to him in Selvi’s voice. Prabhu scares to see her. He lays beside her covering himself with bed sheet. Sathya pretends like sleeping. Prabhu prays to god and he applies sacred thiruneer and starts to sleep. Sathya laughs at him and admires him. Next day Prabhu taking Sathya to hospital. Sathya read the Mental care board. She questions him Is he doubt she is mentally unstable? He deny it and asks her to come inside. Sathya understands that he is trying to kick out the ghost from her body through Doctor. She smirks at him thinking about what’s store for Doctor?

Episode end.