Sathya 21st February 2021 Written Update: Sathya gets conscious

Sathya 21st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu staring Sathya emotionally. He holds her hand and says to her that Indhumathi asks him to talk with her. But he has no idea what to talk. He has manything to share with her. He wishes to says this looking at her eyes that’s why he asks her to meet him soon. Look at the fate she is in this state now. He says his love to her. He says to her that he understands his love on her when he is far from her. He confesses his love to her.

Sathya’s tears rolls down on her cheeks. Prabhu notices that her fingers are moving. He gets happy and rushes outside to call the doctor. Prabhu informs to doctor and takes him to Sathya’s ward. He shows Sathya’s movement to him. Doctor checks her and informs to Prabhu that Sathya’s out of danger now. Nurse informs this to all. Everyone rushes in to see Sathya.

Everyone turns happy to see Sathya smiling to Prabhu. Janaki mentions to Sathya that she knew well she is very strong. Makhan informs to the slum people about Sathya’s recovery. They are celebrating it. Makhan asks Doctor to help the slum peoples to meet Sathya. He strictly deny it reasoning Sathya’s health condition. He fears infection will come. Sathya asks Prabhu to talk with doctor.

Prabhu says to Doctor those peoples loves Sathya a lot. They won’t leave from here till they see her doing well. Doctor agrees with him. Prabhu takes Sathya there. She greets all. Prabhu takes her back in. Nurse informs to Prabhu that chief doctor coming to check Sathya. He is very strict.

Chief doctor visits Sathya and lashes out at Nurse for allowing many crowds inside the ICU. Prabhu, Indhumathi and Janaki waiting for him. Doctor checks her and informs to Prabhu that Sathya is showing good improvement. Indhumathi asks him to discharge Sathya. Chief deny it reasoning her joints are weak she needs to be hospitalize for 20 days.

Janaki enquires to Doctor about Sathya’s health in private. He assures to her that she is doing good. Vinoth’s father in law reaches to hospital with his goons. He goes in to meet Sathya taking fruits. Sathya gifts to Latha the nuptial chain. Latha informs to Sathya that she postponed her marriage to next month.

Episode end.