Sathya 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Sadhasivam’s ultimate plan to bring Magician

Sathya 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu takes Sathya to hospital. Sathya questions him Is he going to mention her as ‘ mental’ like others. Prabhu deny it and informs to her that she has another one problem is with her. She has no idea about it all. Sathya thinks that he is talking about ghost. She feels pity for the doctor who is going to treat the ghost. Prabhu takes her inside the hospital. He asks her to wait outside and goes in to meet doctor. Doctor asks to him what’s the problem? Prabhu Informs to her that he married to Sathya. One year almost completed but they didn’t started their marriage life yet. Sathya hearing their conversation near window. Prabhu says to her that she is not mistake here he was the one not understood her well. But everything solved inbetween them. They decided to start their life in kodaikanal. Everything started from that moment. He narrates to her whatever happened after that trip. He shares to her about Selvi’s death and all are complaining that her ghost possessed Sathya. Doctor says to him there is no ghost in this world.

Prabhu asks her to treat Sathya and cure her well. Doctor asks him to send Sathya inside her cabin. Sathya enters inside. Doctor enquires to her what’s going on? Sathya lies to her that she has no idea what’s going around her. All are saying that ghost possessed her. Doctor says to her Is she believing it too? There is no ghost in this world. Sathya agrees with her point. Doctor asks her what’s bothering her. Sathya says to her that she knew well she shouldn’t lie to doctor and lawyer. Sathya says to her that she pretending like ghost possessed her. Doctor enquires to her why did she doing like this all? Sathya narrates to her whatever happened in Selvi’s life. The way she is trying hard to give justice to her. Doctor says to her that she can able to understand that she is trying to help that poor girl but her husband is worrying a lot for her.

Doctor question her why don’t she say this to her husband? He seems loves her a lot. So he will definitely help her out in it. Sathya says to her it will spoil her all plan. Whatever she say Sathya is third person in this matter. He will definitely support his brother when it comes to prestige. Doctor asks to her what should she say to Prabhu now? Sathya says to her something mutely. Prabhu enters into the cabin. Doctor informs to Prabhu that she can’t able to cure her. Her problems seem bit strange. Not only her but also all doctors will say the same answer. Till Selvi’s problem is solve she will be like this. She asks him to solve this issue first. Prabhu is driving the car. He questions her what happened inside the room? She lies to him that she put an injection to her. She don’t remember anything after that. Prabhu feels sad for her. He starts to get emotional thinking about her. Sathya apologies to him in her mind for hiding the truth. Sathya is admiring Prabhu. Romantic bgm plays at the background.

Indhumathi takes Sathya to temple. She poured the salt on floor. She says to Sathya that she is going to walk in her knees on it. Sathya says to her she is not considering her age at all. Indhumathi says to her that doctor refuses to treat Sathya that’s why she is going to do this prayer to cure Sathya. She tries to stop her but go in vain. Indhumathi is doing the rituals. Sathya feels emotional seeing her. She thank god for giving good mother in law for her! Anitha and Nirmala are discussing what to do in this ghost matter? He says to her that he is going to bring magician to throw out the ghost from here. Prabhu scolds him for taking such decision. Sadhasivam stands adamant in his decision. All are waiting outside to welcome the magician. He comes there and steps inside the house. Sathya is staring him.

Episode end.