Sathya 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Soumya and Kathir learn the truth about Sathya

Sathya 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soumya calling Selvi and searching for her? Kavitha ask to her why did she searching for her ? Soumya replies to her that she wanna give these dirty clothes to her. Kavitha ask to her just three days completed but these many dresses are there to wash? Soumya blushed and says to her she will give it to Selvi to wash it in Washing machine.

Kavitha ask to her why did she giving it to Selvi instead of washing herself. Soumya replies to her why would she wash it hand when machine is there? Kavitha replies to her she might wash her husband clothes with her own hands. She ask to her why would she wash it? She has no idea how to wash it all? Kavitha say in bit strict tone she might learn to wash it. Soumya pouts and replies she is torturing her usually girls should be tortured in their in laws house but here its bit opposite.

Kavitha says to her she is advising her to do it because some reason ia behind it. If we wash our husband clothes in our hand they will be impressed when they comes to know it. Their wife washed husband clothes with their hand. Soumya says to her she doesn’t know these many things behind this. Now she got to know why did Vignesh brother always behaving yes man infront of Kavitha. This is the secret right she teased her. Sathya listened this and wish to apply it to impress Prabhu.

Prabhu comes out of washroom after taking bath he gets surprised to see his cupboard is empty. He has no idea where is clothes are? He calls for rowdy baby but she is nowhere to seen. He wears one inners and calling for Sathya. He ask to Soumya did she see her? She replies negatively. She ask to him why did he wore inners Isn’t he going to office. He leaves from there. Sathya is busy in washing his clothes. She is actually fighting with the shirt in the name of washing.

Prabhu comes there and find Sathya washing clothes. He ask to Sathya why did she washing clothes? Where is his shirts? Sathya replies to him she is washing his clothes now? Prabhu ask to her what’s the need to wash the ironed clothes? Sathya bites her tongue in blunder. She replies to him that hereafter she only wash his clothes he might wear the shirt which she ironed for him. Prabhu ask her to leave it. He says to her he has important meeting in office how will he go today?

Sathya ask him to calm down and assures to him she will finish it soon then it will dry in the sunlight in 10 minutes. She opens his shirt and gets shock to see the tored shirt. Prabhu starts to scold her for tore his favourite shirt. He ask to her why did she doing these all to him which she has zero sense. Sathya replies to him she done it to impress him. She heard it from others if wife wash clothes for husband he will love his wife a lot.

Prabhu makes her remind he is not her lover. They are name sake husband and wife for others but actually a good friends in real. He warns her not to forget this often and leaves. Sathya get hurt by his words and stand there silent. Soumya and Kathir listened this and feel pity for Sathya state. Kathir and Soumya learned the truth now that they are actually acting as husband and wife. They wish to unite them.

Sathya thinking about the incident and worried for Prabhu. Soumya sits beside her.