Sathya 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Prabhu tie the knot again on Sathya

Sathya 22nd September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anitha pacing back and fourth thinking deeply in her room. Veerasingham ask to her why did she walking like this from last few minutes. Anitha replies that she wanna take revenge on Sathya in this Varalakshmi pooja but she has no idea what to do?

Veerasingham thinks a while and says he has one idea if she hears it she will appreciate him a lot definitely Sathya will be finish in this idea. Anitha discourage him by saying his ideas were flop always she don’t wanna spoil anything by using his idea she will think in her own.

She ask him to stand aside. Veerasingham stands there silent. Anitha thinks a while and got an idea she decided to proceed it. Veerasingham ask her to share the idea with him. She ask him back whom should sit in front row in pooja. He replies as very important persons. She replies to him that she gonna send Sathya there.

 Veerasingham ask to her why did she giving that importance to her when she wished to kick her out of the house. Anitha replies to him that she gonna ask her to chant 108 slogan. She don’t have faith in god so she gonna ruin our reputation infront of all she says smirking.

Nirmala and Kavitha done all arrangements, Sathya standing beside Prabhu. Anitha tell to Sathya to sit in front beside Kavitha. Sathya stare her bit doubted. Anitha replies to her that she don’t like her personally that  doesn’t mean she will show it infront of everyone there. Sathya goes and sits beside Kavitha.

Prabhu thanked Anitha she thought to herself he is thanking her unaware of her intention. Indhumathi ask to chant the mantras any one of them. Anitha ask Sathya to do it. Everyone got shocked hearing it. Kavitha says she will chant mantras instead of Sathya to save her from humiliation. Anitha says she is youngest daughter in law of this house so she has all rights to do it so don’t snatch her rights.

Prabhu whispered to Anitha that Sathya has no faith in god then why did she doing this to her? She replies to insult her infront of all whom asked her to sit in front when she know nothing about this pooja. Suddenly Sathya started chanting mantras made everyone shocked there. Family members stare her in open mouth.

Sathya chanted 108 mantras pooja were finished. After finish it she stare Anitha and smirks then she ask to Prabhu how was it? She gives thumps up to her then she stare Veerasingham he gulps seeing her Vignesh suppress his laugh seeing his state.

Indhumathi praises Sathya for her attittude. Indhumathi calls everyone to tie the knot to their wives.Sadashivam tie the knot to Nirmala, Vignesh to Kavitha, Veerasingham to Anitha. Finally Indhumathi called Prabhu to tie the knot to Sathya. He stands infront of her he remind their unexpected marriage scene. He takes it and tie around her neck. He filled her hairline with vermillion. Sathya fell on his feet, Prabhu blessed her by wishing her to lead a long married life. Episode ends there.