Sathya 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Magician helps Sathya

Sathya 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sadhasivam and his family are waiting for the magician outside of the house! Magician car reached there. Magician and his assistant gets down from car. Sadhasivam and his family greets him. They welcomes him in. Sathya is staring him from upstairs. Magician places his feet in that house and says to all one dangerous ghost is inside the house. He can able to feel that negative energy. Sathya doubts where is the ghost? So he is fake Magician. She wishes to teach a lesson to that Magician. She leaves from there. Indhumathi and Prabhu notices him and shows their disinterest in it. Indhumathi says to them that they are taking decisions without asking them. Magician asks them to show the room where Pooja setting is arranged? Sadhasivam takes him to upstairs.

He starts his pooja and asks them to bring the girl. Assistant stares Veerasingham. He signals him back. But everyone is staring Veerasingham. He refuses to go but Anitha threatens him to go. She asks him to do this work properly. Veerasingham go out while cursing all. He notices Prabhu and Indhumathi there. Veerasingham informs to Prabhu that Pooja already started he asked him to call Sathya to sit with him. He asks Prabhu to help him. Prabhu complaints that they are going everything in their own wish. So he can’t able to help him. Indhumathi too refuses to help him. Veerasingham goes to her room without option. He notices Sathya there. He doubts who is that whether Selvi or Sathya? He calls her name. Sathya talks normally with him.

Sathya enquires to him Is he really good magician? Will he throw out the ghost from her body? He informs to her that he is saying that he can. Sathya goes with him. Magician questions her name? Sathya asks him to find it in his own reasoning he brought fees for it. He asks to her does she know him? He informs to her that he is not actor to find him out in first sight. He asks everyone to leave out to teach a lesson to ghost. Everyone leaves from there. Prabhu and Indhumathi questions them why are they coming out leaving Sathya behind? They narrates everything to him. Prabhu wishes to stop it. But Normal pleads with him to stay calm. Sathya starts shouting. Prabhu tries to go inside but Saravana stops him. He says to him that Ghost is crying not Sathya. Prabhu feels pity for Sathya.

Sathya is beating Magician and she is shouting to create image to them that she is getting beat from him. He stops Sathya and says to her that she is not possessed by any ghost. Sathya agrees with him. He asks her to say what she need instead of beating him. She appreciates his idea. She shares something to him muted. His assistant is praising Guriji in front of all. Sathya pretend like faint. Nirmala and Indhumathi takes her from there. Magician calls Saravana to come inside. He starts beating him with whip. He thinks that he got beaten because of him. Magician asks Saravana to confess the truth or else it’s tough to control the ghost. Saravana thinks to confess the truth.

Episode end..